Mach Xtreme Launches MX-Starter Premium SSD – Delivering Paycheck Sparing Performance

Mach Xtreme Technology today announced the new MX-Starter Premium family of SSDs intended to appeal to the value oriented SSD client.

The MX-Starter Premium is a SATA 2 SSD and performance is listed at 150MB/s read and 80MB/s write with up to 10,000 IOPS.

This line of SSDs will be available in capacities of 32GB, 64GB and 128GB, and each comes with a 64MB cache and one year warranty.

Considering value is the highlight of this SSD line, pricing has yet to be announced. Additional characteristics mentioned in the release include a hardware ECC engine, StaticDataRefresh technology and data shaping, which should help enhance the drives reliability.

Now, considering the name (not to mention the specs) of this new product, it’s relatively easy to deduce that this drive isn’t being aimed at the high-end market. Even Mach Xtreme themselves have stated that the drives are being aimed strictly at mainstream users, who may not be terribly worried about getting the absolute highest performance possible. That’s fine but considering the relatively low prices (especially with mail in rebates) of many other SSDs with significantly higher performance, these drives are going to have to be priced VERY well in order to make any significant headway in an already very crowded market.

Priced accordingly, I can see many people being very happy with the Mach Xtreme MX-Starter Premium SSD in their system, especially when one considers that most users won’t notice a difference between SSDs in everyday use. The only thing left to consider is exactly what controller they’re using as the backbone of these new SSDs. The only thing I can think of offhand, based on the company’s previous products, is that they’re using a solution from JMicron . If this is indeed the case, it will definitely be much easier for MX to price their new offspring aggressively. When it comes to consumers, this product may garner more than a few looks, that is, so long as it spares their pocket books. Sorry, couldn’t resist. : )

Those interested should expect the drives to be available any day now.

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    For an entry-level model looks very fine.

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