LSI’s Technology Partners at AIS Part II — LSI AIS 2013 Update

LSI’s Accelerating Innovation Summit 2013 has a host of technology partners and sponsors displaying their latest LSI-related wares for attendees to view.  This session has us visiting a few more booths and displays of exhibitors.  With only a couple of exceptions, everyone displaying is presenting technology that utilizes and/or features some of LSI’s latest software and hardware solutions.

LSI AIS 2013 banner

ARM, a major developer and provider of processors used by dozens of technology companies, are pushing their latest “low power” offerings.



Axxia Communications is showing off their communications processors that work with LSI solutions to dramatically reduce CPU usage on VXLAN applications.



DataOn displayed their latest JBOD storage enclosure, the DNS-2624.  This enclosure utilizes LSI’s DataBolt bandwidth aggregation technology to accelerate 6GB/s SAS HDDs to 12Gb/s performance.

DataOn 2


EMC2 is displaying their storage strategy of “flash everywhere”; whether it be choice (A) of all flash arrays, or choice (B) of hybrid (HDD/SSD) arrays.

EMC2 1

EMC2 2

Microsoft was present to show off dramatic improvements and flexibilities of their Server 2012 operating system, much of the improvement taking advantage of the performance increases created by migrating to flash or hybrid (HDD/SSD) storage.  Microsoft is able to boast of partnerships with dozens of tech companies.

MS Server 2012 2

MS Server 2012 1

MS Server 2012 4

MS Server 2012 3

OakGate Technology has developed what has become the defacto industry standard benchmark for enterprise storage systems. Their benchmarking software is totally flexbile, allowing for customization of, or drilling down into the details of, virtually any of the multitude of metrics being benchmarked.

Oakgate 1

Oakgate 2

Wintec, somewhat surprisingly, was displaying only SSDs featuring LSI’s prior SF2281 processor, rather than the anticipated SF3700.  With no one from Wintec manning the booth, no explanations were forthcoming.

Wintec 2

Wintec 1

Another successful LSI Accelerating Innovation Summit concluded Thursday evening. We would like to say a hearty “Thank You” to LSI for inviting staff to attend such an exciting and innovating event.


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