LSI SandForce Display SandForce Driven SSD with 19nm Memory – Computex 2012 Update

Our visit with LSI SandForce in the Grand Hyatt Taipei during Computex 2012 resulted in what we believe to be the worlds first viewing of 19/20nm NAND flash memory at work with LSI SandForce SF-2281 processors.

Utilizing SATA 3 SSD samples containing both Toshiba 19nm Toggle Mode NAND and Intel 20nm synchronous NAND flash memory, LSI SandForce was anxious to demonstrate that newer more compact memory does not result in any significant performance deviations.

Up first was the Toshiba Toggle mode where we observed just under 60,000 IOPS at low 4k random write disk access.

Next up was the SSD containing Intel 20nm memory where IOMeter displayed performance of just under 500MB/s which is an excellent result for any application.


Also on display was the ASUS Zenbook with it’s gumstick SandForce mSATA SSD that remains to be the fastest Ultrabook on the market at this point.  Going back a few months, we conducted extensive testing on ASUS’ choice of both the Sandisk U100 and the ADATA LSI SandForce X11 SSD, the X11 dominating that contest with ease.


Last but not least, it seems a conversation cannot be finished without word of SSD caching these days.  In this display, SandForce elected to utilize the Lenovo X220 with a SandForce caching SSD, standard hard drive and none other than NVELO Dataplex software.  A close look at the picture will show their claims that this particular configuration provides performance 1000 times better than hard drive alone.   We cannot argue as we did very similar testing with, not one but seven mSATA SSDs, and you will definitely find some amazing LSI SandForce performance there as well!



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    Any word on what the P/E numbers look like on these 19nm NAND?

  2. blank

    Is SandForce ever going to release something new? The 2281 has been around forever and was top of the heap when released. Don’t these guys know if you remain ‘happy’ where you are in this industry and you end up losing.

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      SandForce is a part of LSI now. We will not here of new releases until the day of release unlike the previous policy of SandForce. This is much the same as other big companies to include Intel and Samsung; product is not spoken of publicly until it is released.

      Personally, I think SandForce is doing extremely well just where they are right now. We JUST reviewed the new MyDigitalSSD with the SF-2281 and that is one of our top performing drives to date. Remember now, SandForce technically is still King of the Hill in performance and controller sales.

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