LSI AIS 2012: PNY Shows Off new HP V300 and V500 SSD Family

PNY showed off just a bit of SSD gold this week in a new production development they have signed with none other than HP.

Just as we saw in 07/08 with the first Samsung/Corsair partnership, PNY will be manufacturing solid state drives under HP branding that are remarkably similar to that marketed by PNY, up to and including PNY’s exclusive 3K/5K endurance commitment which has yet to be seen from other SSD manufacturers. And just why would new like this be at the LSI AIS you might ask?

Just as each and every PNY SSD is now, the new HP v300 and v500 series will be LSI SandForce Driven and capable of those blazing 550MB/s read and 520MB/s write top of the industry performance numbers.  The V300 has a 3 year warranty with its 3K guarantee while the v500 has a 5 year warranty with is 5K guarantee.


Admittedly, we have a soft spot for PNY, not only because they stand alone in their 3K/5K guarantee program but also, they were the first to market their Prevail Elite Series with Intels eMLC NAND flash memory,  which was once again a consumer level SSD first.  Take a look at our PNY Prevail Elite and XLR8 Pro SSD reviews for an idea of what you just may see from the HP line.

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    This is good news for HP owners, such as myself, seeing a SSD upgrade for their notebooks. However, there is the fresh install of Windows problem when said users try to use the Factory Image disk(s) they created once they turned on their Notebook for the very first time. But, there should be a simple solution; such as, having a Microsoft CEO give the go ahead to provide Windows OEM file downloads for HP customers with OEM Window stickers.

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