Lite-On Announces EP1 Series of Low-Latency M.2 PCIe SSDs For Cloud Vendors

Lite-On Technology Corp., a world-leading producer of enterprise Solid-State Drives (SSDs), is announcing its low-latency EP1 series for I/O intensive workloads.  The EP1 series was recently chosen by one of the largest cloud service providers for use in their storage deployments.  Lite-On’s in-house firmware development allows it to maximize the EP1’s performance for read-intensive and mixed-usage scenarios, and deliver SSDs with high consistency and endurance, as well as ultra-low latency.

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Lite-On’s M.2 (Gen2 x 4) PCIe SSDs are seeing widespread growth and adoption in the cloud computing industry.  The EP1 series and its M.2 PCIe interface has a small footprint, and are power-efficient, mounting directly into a server’s PCIe bus.  This increases server application performance, enabling speedy and reliable data access that does not tax host CPU and memory resources.

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According to Jeffrey Chang, Technical Product Manager at Lite-On, “The M.2 is perfect for where we believe the future of enterprise SSD cloud storage is going.  As we look to enable the next generation of the cloud, we are committed to aggressive innovation and development of solutions that provide the highest performance, reliability, and lowest latency among storage solutions.”

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Lite-On was recently reported by industry analyst Gartner as the world’s fastest-growing PC OEM manufacturer, achieving 60% SSD revenue growth last year.  Lite-On has been a leading early-stage promoter and developer of the M.2 form factor, as it continues to emerge as the drive of choice for cloud service providers due to M.2’s compact size, low power consumption (up to 36% savings as compared to 2.5″ SATA SSDs) and high density.  End-to-end data and power-loss protections enable maximum dependability and reliability.


Lite-On will be exhibiting at the Flash Memory Summit 2015 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara (CA), from August 11-13th, 2015.  You can visit them at booth #708.  The Lite-On EP1 product page can be viewed here; and the Lite-On press release announcing the EP1 series of M.2 SSDS can be viewed in its entirety here.


  1. blank

    Hard to believe that the cloud will rely on M.2 when NVMe is available and provides much greater capacities and performance.

    • blank

      They will be soon .. computer technology kind of slowed down .. ancient SATA still here .. no sign of PCIe 4.0 only in 2017 suppose to be here already ..
      storage drives supposed to be only on PCIe x4 only NO one laptop has it ..
      It is just manuf. cant be bothered .. they chilling now some reason..

    • blank

      Honestly I’d love to see M.2 available on server chassis. You could create some really dense SSD storage environments with M.2 compared to U.2 . I can imagine a 1U chassis could easily hold 64 or more hot swap M.2 caddies. I think the main issue would be that you would run out of PCIe lanes pretty quick. Maybe if you had multiple system boards per chassis that could work out, or if Intel can provides us with processors that have more than 40 lanes a piece. Not saying any of this will happen, but it’s a nice dream.

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