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KIOXIA Shows Off New EDSFF SSD Form Factor Geared to Servers and Storage

KIOXIA has partnered with a leading server original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to successfully demonstrate an E3.S full-function development vehicle of the new EDSFF (Enterprise and Data Center Form Factor).  This breakthrough new form factor, also called E3, enables maximum system density, simplicity and efficiency. KIOXIA is an active member of the SNIA SFF-TA-1008 technical work group, which has been instrumental …

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LITE-ON Partners With CNEX Labs to Showcase Next Generation EDSFF SSD Platform — Flash Memory Summit 2018 Update

CNEX Labs and LITE-ON partnered at Flash Memory Summit 2018 to showcase the next generation LITE-ON SSD EDSFF (Enterprise and Data Center SSD Form Factor) platform.  The LITE-ON SSD EDSFF is engineered for comprehensive flexibility with non-heterogenous cloud usage, whether with high IOPS density AI and other compute-intensive needs, or with high capacity density storage usage. This unprecedented flexibility is …

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Intel Announces New 3D NAND Data Center SSDs

As the world’s stockpile of data continues to grow, Intel continues to bring to market industry-leading storage and memory products, pushing both form factor innovation and ever-increasing capacity.  Intel’s latest data center offerings, the SSD DC P4510 and P4511 series, are reimagining how data is store for data centers.  With the creation of interesting new form factors, such as the …

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