KIOXIA Introduces First PCIe 5.0 EDSFF SSD to Market – Gen 4×4 Speeds Using only Half the Lane Space

We might think that development in the SSD world has slowed a bit by now but that isn’t the case whatsoever.  As much as we have seen a mass change from the 2.5″ SATA SSD capable of 540MB/s to todays M.2 form factor which is only a fraction of the size yet capable of 8TB capacities up to 7GB/s, the enterprise side of things remains to find its own way specific to its own need.  Enter the Enterprise and Data Center Standards Form Factor Work Group EDSFF), of which KIOXIA is a main contributor, to put forward the EDSFF form factor for large scale deployments in hyperscale data centers.

KIOXIA is today announcing production ready availability of the EDSFF form factor PCIe 4.0 XD6 which follows along the lines of the M.2 SSD and is an E1.S SSD that supports 15mm and 25mm sizes.  The XD6 supports 1DWPD, utilizes the 1.3c NVMe protocol,  is available in 1.92 -3.84TB, and is intended for high performance and high efficiency server use and storage.

KIOXIA is alsop stepping up to bat with the worlds first PCIe 5.0 SSD in the newest EDSFF E3 form factor, the KIOXIA CD7 PCIe 5.0 SSD.  This SSD is available in capacities up to 7.68TB, uses the newest EDSFF E3.S (E3 Short Thin) form factor, and targets read intensive workloads in the Data Center.


It speaks to performance up to 6450MB/s and 1,050K random read IOPS with up to 60% lower latencies than PCIe 4.0.  The key here is the fact that the KIOXIA CD7 can achieve this performance in only 2 PCIe 5.0 lanes, vice that of PCie 4.0 x4 (4 lane) which would be necessary to reach same.  The KIOXIA CD7 literally doubles lane availability at 32GT/s x2 in comparison to Gen 4 and remains x16 capable which is a massive step forward in flash technology.

The CD6 uses KIOXIAs 96-layer BiCS 4 3D TLC NAND flash, relies on NVMe 1.4 and is the EDSFF E3.S 7.5mm form factor, has power loss and end-to-end data protection along with being SIE capable (Sanitize Instant Erase) .

If you are looking at this and wondering if this might fit in with your company needs, please call Mia Cool of KIOXIA America at 408-526-3087 or and mention our post!

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    Is this an indication that true PCIe 5 speeds aren’t feasible for enterprise use?

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