Kingston Wi-Drive Now Available in 128GB Capacity

Kingston has released an upgrade to one of our favorite toys lately which should interest a number of readers.  As you may remember, we reviewed the Kingston Wi-Drive in a 64GB capacity a while back and it deservedly received out Innovations Award.  Quite frankly, I never expected the Wi-Drive to be so useful and it has since become one of my technology peripherals of ch0ice and  goes everywhere with me.

Today, Kingston has stepped one further with their latest version, upgrading the capacity from 64GB to 128GB for those that just have to have tons of media and files with them at all times. From a personal standpoint, I find the Wi-Drive a perfect bridge between my PC and Mac use where I can easily watch, listen to or work on files on my iPAD without difficulty while on the road.

Kingston Wi- Drive

For those not familiar with the Wi-Drive, it is a SSD based storage medium with Wi-Fi capabilities that allows up to three people to watch separate movies, listen to music, or view pictures at the same time.  As well, it has a four hour battery life and it’s form factor is the smallest we have seen on the market yet. It has complete Wi-fi sharing capabilities for all devices that support iOS, Android and Kindle Fire and respect Apps are uploadable and free of charge.

As for how I will be using it in less than 24 hours time, our family is heading off to the Honduras and, at some point on the flight, I can guarantee I am watching one movie, the wife another and one of my kids listening to music, all from the Kingston Wi-Drive!

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