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Kingston 128GB Wi-Drive Review – Wireless Storage Gets Big

External storage has become all the rage these days and it doesn’t seem so far back that we introduced you to the Kingston 64GB Wi-Drive.  In that review, I described the Wi-Drive as being a life saver for its ability to create a much needed bridge between my PC and IOS devices, more specifically my IPAD which had no means …

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Kingston Wi-Drive Now Available in 128GB Capacity

Kingston has released an upgrade to one of our favorite toys lately which should interest a number of readers.  As you may remember, we reviewed the Kingston Wi-Drive in a 64GB capacity a while back and it deservedly received out Innovations Award.  Quite frankly, I never expected the Wi-Drive to be so useful and it has since become one of …

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Kingston 32gb Wi-Drive Review @ Review the Tech

Kingston has long been known for their computer memory, flash cards, flash drives and their Apple peripherals. Well maybe not the last category but Kingston is planning on addressing that deficiency with the release of their Wi-Drive. This new Kingston drive is a Wi-Fi integrated portable storage device that allows file sharing between iPod Touch Gen 3 and 4, iPhone …

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