Kingston Computex HyperX OC Takeover Girls 2014

This year at Computex 2014 in Taipei, Taiwan, Computex held what could be considered one of the greatest invite tickets to any tech event for some time, The Kingston Product Release and HyperX OC Takeover at the Kelti Tower in Taipei. We have already covered this event here, here and here, but thought we might return once more as there seemed to be some interest in any pictures we might have of the Kingston HyperX Team.  Enjoy!

Kingston Computex HyperX OC Takeover Girls - 01

If you enjoy these photos, feel free to also check out our Girls of Computex 2014 Report at Technology X!

Kingston Computex HyperX OC Takeover Girls - 08

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  1. blank

    Best post ever.

  2. blank

    The “here, here and here” text in the first paragraph is missing the links to your over coverage.

  3. blank

    Just like with their V300 product line you can’t really be sure what you are getting until you peel back the packaging.

  4. blank

    um, looks like they ran short of the big stomper go-go boots for the last two girls on the right…

    Planning people…. presentation all goes down to the planning…

  5. blank

    Pic#27 = 22 Ladies!
    Geeze, it must have been difficult to find that many ladies with exactly the same rare genetic trait of light blonde hair ! 😉

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