Kingston Announces SSDNow V310 — Just Shy Of 1TB Of Storage Capacity!

Kingston Digital, Inc., which is Kingston Technology Company, Inc.’s Flash memory division, has announced its newest iteration of the SSDNow V300 Family, designated as the V310.  The Kingston SSDNow V310 delivers the boosted performance and system responsiveness typical of a solid-state drive upgrade, while also offering 960GB of capacity to store games, movies, music, files, programs and applications.

SSDNow V310 front

Utilizing a Phison 3108 controller, the SSDNow V310 can achieve sequential read speeds of (up to) 450 MB/s, and sequential write speeds of (up to) 450 MB/s.  Random 4K read speeds are stated as (up to) 27,000 IOPS, with random 4K write speeds of (up to) 10,500 IOPS.  The 960GB capacity makes the SSDNow V310 a true and complete HDD replacement, allowing users to migrate their entire HDD over to the V310, often with storage capacity to spare.

phison 3108 controller

According to Ariel Perez, SSD business manager at Kingston, “Since 2009, our V ‘Value’ series solid-state drives have delivered the best price to performance ratio as possible to enable consumers on a budget or entry-level users to experience the benefits of SSD technology.  Our new V310 continues that along with providing the biggest capacity ever in a Kingston SSD.  SSDNow V310 with its large 960GB capacity is the perfect upgrade to an existing system as it improves boot speeds and application load times helping maximize one’s computer investment.”

SSDNow V310 angled

The SSDNow V310 is being packaged in four different versions:

  • SV310S37A/960G     —  Stand-alone drive at an MSRP of $910.00
  • SV310S3D7/960G     —  Desktop upgrade kit, which includes a 3.5″ mounting bracket & screws, SATA data and power cables, an HDD cloning software CD, and an installation video DVD, at an MSRP of $928.00.
  • SV310S3N7A/960G —  Notebook Upgrade Kit, which includes a 2.5″ USB enclosure, a 7mm to 9.5mm adapter, an HDD cloning software CD, and an installation video DVD, at an MSRP of $928.00.
  • SV310S3B7A/960G   —  Desktop/Notebook upgrade kit, which includes all components of both the desktop and notebook upgrade kits  (MSRP not specified).

As is usually the case, once new drives hit the channel, the selling price can drop well below MSRP. The V310 is currently selling on Amazon and Newegg for between $550 and $600, putting it in the price range of 57-62 cents per GB.

SSDNow V310 complete bundle

Power consumption for the SSDNow V310 is stated at 1.28W average (1.16W (max) read / 5.39W (max) write), and 0.08W at idle.  Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) is stated as 1,000,000 hours.  Kingston is backing the SSDNow V310 with a three-year warranty.

SSDNow V310 specs

The Kingston press release announcing the SSDNow V310 960GB SSD can be viewed in its entirety here.  You can visit the SSDNow V310 product page here.



  1. blank

    910$ for 1TB ?
    They must be out of their damn mind. 850PRO, which molests this drive over and over, is 200$ (yes, 200$) cheaper. And has more capacity.

    And not only that. 27/10.5k IOPS is pretty pathetic for any drive in 2014 and phison S8 capable of much more — tops at around 80k IOPS. I bet they are using some low grade async flash or something.

    I really really hope they are joking about this. Because this would even be pathetic in 2012, let alone 2014.

  2. blank

    Yeah that’s insane — assume that is the base list price — they must know that prices for other 960 SSDs or 750s have plummeted?

    • blank

      NewEgg is offering them for $560. But, as Benjamin says below, the performance still sucks.

      • blank

        even 560$ is pretty much pathetic for such poor performance.
        Here in EU this thing retails for ~450€, which is insane. M550 and EVO both cost 100€ less and they perform waaay better, not to mention perks like hardware encryption and powerloss caps.
        For this to make sense, it needs to drop to around 300€ or less.

        I really think kingston dropped the ball on this whole ssd business. First they switch nand in v300, then they bring Fury (which is pathetic, since it uses almost 3 year old controller) and now this pathetic excuse of a SSD.

        I’m not trying to bash kingston or anything, its just that their lineup and priceing is a joke.

      • blank

        I don’t think Kingston’s problem is the controller. I think it’s their choice of nand. they use a good controller ( Sandforce ), and when they pair it with premium nand it makes for a good ssd. Sandforce controllers may be old, but that is a good thing. it means they’ve
        had a long time to iron out problems and be more reliable. The controller is so good you don’t need a dram buffer like the other controllers. Kingston’s hyperX, hyperX 3K and original V300 were good when they used premium nand from Micron and Toshiba with a Sandforce controller there benchmarks are quite high. They
        ran into problems when they try to use bottom barrel nand with the Sandforce controller (async nand ). Some of the best ssds have had Sandforce controllers Intel 520, Mushkin deluxe, PNY Pro, Corsair Force Series Gs, OCZ Vertex 3 max iops. Kingston please stop using inferior nand . And micron please stop producing the inferior nand. A ssd is only as good as the nand.

      • blank

        But v310 is using phison s8 (which is inferior to sandforce) and not 2nd gen sandforce.

      • blank

        Just got one in…will look at it on return from Flash Memory Summit.

      • blank

        Looking foward to your review ! 🙂

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