KINGMAX Launches New mSATA SSD MMP20 for Easy Upgrade

World renowned memory and flash module manufacturer Kingmax has announced their new mSATA SSD — the MMP20.  Upgrading to an SSD has a lot of appeal to many notebook users, but they may have concerns about having to settle for smaller capacity; or spending a tidy sum to have similar capacity to their original 2.5″ HDD.  The Kingmax MMP20 reconciles this dilemma by installing directly into the notebook’s mini-PCI-E slot.  The 2.5″ form factor HDD stays in place and acts as a storage drive, with the Kingmax MMP20 acting as your system disk.  This allows notebook users to have the quick performance and fast booting of an SSD, while still retaining the larger storage capacity of the HDD.

In addition, it can be utilized in mainstream/desktop systems that support Intel’s Smart Response Technology (SRT) to create a “hybrid” setup. With many Z68 and Z77 motherboards now supporting SRT, a user can now configure their system with a Kingmax MMP20 SSD as cache memory between the HDD and the system memory. This can be a cost-effective way to upgrade a desktop system to SSD-like performance, with no loss of HDD capacity.

Although diminutive in size, this mSATA form factor SSD is no performance slouch.  The Kingmax MMP20 features “premium selected” flash IC chips that are strictly screened, and all units are 100% tested prior to shipment.  The small form factor Kingmax MMP20 is also compatible with embedded systems, such as the ever-increasingly-popular tablets.  The MMP20 adopts the SATA II 3.0 GB/sec interface and is equipped with a powerful controller that optimizes flash memory management while still maximizing system performance and reliability. Translation between host devices and flash is enhanced by the SATA interface, and helps maximize system performance and reliability.  This enhances boot times and application load times, and reduces power consumption.

The Kingmax MMP20 is available in capacities of 16GB. 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB.  Sequential speed performance is stated as :

16GB    Read:  Up to 70 MB/s    Write: Up to 22 MB/s

32GB    Read:  Up to 125 MB/s   Write: Up to 40 MB/s

64GB    Read:  Up to 150 MB/s   Write: Up to 70 MB/s

128GB Read: Up to 150 MB/s Write: Up to 120 MB/s

The Kingmax MMP20 is compliant with the JEDEC MO-300B standard, and comes with a 3-year warranty.  For more details, you can view the product page here.





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    So is this an mSATA or Mini PCI-e SSD?

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