Intel Announces SSD D3-S4510 and D3-S4610 Series of Data Center SSDs

Intel has a long history of producing some of the most reliable solid-state drives in both the client and data center markets, and today’s announcement of the Intel® SSD D3-S4510 and D3-S4610 series offers data centers an easy upgrade from SATA HDDs to SATA SSDs, helping to minimize the costs of modernization.  Replacing HDDs with these newest Intel 64-layer 3D TLC NAND drives will accelerate read-intensive workloads at higher service levels, reduce operating costs for storage systems, and improve the overall flexibility and reliability of systems utilizing them.

The D3-S4510 and D3-S4610 are fully compatible with existing SATA storage architectures, and are being offered in capacities of 240GB, 480GB, 960GB, 2TB, 4TB and 8TB in the standard 2.5” x 7mm form factor. Sequential read speeds for both models are stated as up to 560MB/s, with sequential write speeds of up to 510MB/s.  Both models attain random 4K read speeds of up to 97,000 IOPS, with random 4K write speeds of up to 36,000 IOPS for the D3-S4510 and up to 51,000 IOPS for the D3-S4610.

blankBoth the D3-S4510 and D3-S4610 sip power at idle to the tune of a mere 1.1w, with active power consumption of 3.6w for the D3-S4510 and 3.7w for the D3-S4610.  Endurance is stated as up to 2 DWPD (drive writes per day) for the D3-S4510, and up to 3 DWPD for the D3-S4610.  Intel is backing these new drives with a five-year limited warranty.

blankTo make a quick comparison to HDDs in the data center, these newest SATA drives from Intel are up to 6x more efficient than HDDs in cooling requirements and power consumption (larger capacities), as well as enabling up to 3.2x more data being stored in the same footprint.  Offering up to 300x more IOPS than HDDs, servers will be able to support more users without any increase in space.

blankIntel’s renowned reliability is front and center, with a 4.2x lower annualized failure rate as compared to HDDs.  Fewer drive replacements equates to both time and monetary savings.  Also, firmware updates can be accomplished without requiring downtime or resets.  For more information, you can view the SSD D3-S4510 product page here; and the SSD D3-S4610 product page here.  Pricing has not yet been revealed.

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