Inateck HDD/SSD USB 3.0 Enclosures Reviewed – Value, SSD Migration and External Storage Conquered


If you need storage space and management beyond that of a single drive, the Inateck FE2007 takes that a step further.  The FE2007 adds to the feature of being a UASP HDD/SSD enclosure by also including 3 additional USB ports to allow for a total management of up to 3TB of storage.

Inateck FE2005 External HDD SSD and USB 3.0 Adapter

It comes with a USB3.0 cable for data transfer as well as a USB3.0  power cable to power the USB which uses power from your PC’s open USB3.0 port.   This unit is also made of plastic to allow for value, and has a slop that simply slides open to put your HDD/SSD. Three USB3.0 ports are located on the end of the unit, along with a SSD/HDD activity light and power light.

Inateck FE2003 Multiple USB 3.0 Ports

On the left side, there is also the power port, along with an on/off switch for USB3.0 power, just in case you wanted to use the FE2007 as a simple enclosure without the additional convenience of the additional USB ports.

Inateck FE2007 External USP 3.0 UASP Enclosure HDD Power Switch

Unlike the FE2005, the FE2007 relies on an ASMedia ASMT1153 USB to SATA controller for both USB management and UASP data transfer. Looking at data transfer speeds with our Eluktronics 1TB SATA3 SSDblank, we see that performance jumps just a bit but is still within the 400MB/s range for read and write transfer speeds:

Inateck FE2005External HDD SSD Enclosure ATTO

Crystal Diskmark once again validates that the Inateck FE2007 is just as capable with incompressible data as it is with compressible data, as tested in ATTO.

Inateck FE2007 External HDD SSD Enclosure CDM


Considering system migration, there are many options of SSDs today that come with the migration software, yet no means to perform the migration.  Both the Inateck FE2005 and FE2007 take care of this at a very inexpensive price point, leaving us with an external enclosure for which to use the hard drive as continued storage after the migration. The only area they can really improve on this might be to provide a rubber base to both units rather than that simple plastic base that moves around desk space so easily.

Inateck FE2005 and FE2007 External USP 3.0 UASP Enclosures With Case

Other options also include SSDs such as the Kingston SSDNow V310blank SSD that comes with the complete migration package, or to use third-party software, as we do, such as Paragon SSD Migration Softwareblank.  As a matter of fact, we have stuck with and used Paragon to perform hundreds of system migrations in our labs over the years.

All in all, both the Inateck FE2005 and 3-port USB FE2007 are quality products that provide us with great UASP high-speed data transfers, at a very low price point and are deserving of our Top Value Award!

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Value with SuperSpeed Disk Access

Both the Inateck 2005 and 2007 Storage Adapters provide amazing value, while at the same time, enable users to reach UASP speeds above 400MB/s.

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    Very nice product for the price, I might want to pick one up.

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    What is inside, what is chipset? This ‘review’ is shallow, lacking photos of circuit board.

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