Highpoint Showcases New Products, Up to 20 GB/S With USB 3.0! – CES 2012 Update

Many would think that we are nuts putting 8 x Micron C400 6Gb/s SSDs on a small, budget minded RAID controller card. However, that is exactly what we did with the HighPoint 2720SGL Controller, and amazingly it performed very admirably!

The review has been extremely popular on our site, and after being bombarded with e-mail from other users, we figured that a trip over to HighPoints’ booth was in order during CES.

Certainly worth the stop, the booth yielded some great new products that are coming up from HighPoint.

First up is the announcement from HighPoint that they have a new and improved SSD-specific firmware for us users of the 2720SGL. Considering the excellent performance we have already witnessed, and the fact that we absolutely love anything related to SSDs in RAID, this is great news!

Look for a ‘refresher’ review with the new firmware very soon on these pages to determine the extent of the performance increase! (rumored to be 50% faster in throughput).

Next up we have a few new USB 3.0 defvices that HighPoint will be releasing soon. The RocketStor utilizes two USB 3.0 cables connected to a USB 3.0 Host Bus Adapter to give some amazing results with a dual port HDD enclosure. This supports all 3.5 and 2.5 inch HDDs and SSDs.

And then we have the RocketU USB 3.0 HBA, here connected to a front panel port that is called the RocketPanel. The RocketU allows a x4 PCIe connection to four USB 3.0 ports, and can RAID them into one volume. This allows for theoretical speeds up to 20Gb/s!

Certainly some great new prospects coming up from HighPoint, and I for one cannot wait to test the new firmware, keep your eyes open for the upcoming review!

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  1. Up to 20Gbps b = bit B = byte. Be clear, and that 20Gbps is teoric, cause no one drive -unlike sata- has reach the usb “teoric” speed

  2. 20 “GB/sec”? No.

  3. thanks Bumble, wrong size B…hate that. sorry for the typo is is 20 Gb/s. article amended. link here.

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