HGST Announces Ultrastar SN100 Series Of NVMe-Compliant PCIe SSDs

HGST (formerly Hitachi Global Storage Technologies), a leading producer of enterprise storage solutions, and a Western Digital company, is announcing its Ultrastar SN100 series of NVMe-compliant PCIe SSDs. Seen here, Mike Gustafson, Senior VP and GM of Virident | HGST, introduces us to the new flash memory products introduced this morning in San Francisco.

Mike Gustafson1

The Ultrastar SN100 series of PCIe SSDs will utilize Toshiba’s latest MLC NAND flash memory to facilitate the next wave of application acceleration by featuring simplified PCIe SSD system integration paired with HGST’s well-known reliability and quality.  The latest standardized NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) protocol for PCIe SSDs allows for broad system interoperability and deployment ease, which results in lower total cost of ownership  (TCO).


The Ultrastar SN100 series of PCIe SSDs are geared toward application and database acceleration, big data analytics and vurtualization.  The Ultrastar SN100 series will be offered as both a half-height, half-length (HH-HL) add-in card and as a standard 2.5″ drive form factor.  To enhance NAND flash endurance and reliability, the Ultrastar SN100 series will utilize HGST’s CellCare NAND management technology, which has been optimized to work with Toshiba’s MLC NAND flash.  The Ultrastar SN100 series will be offered in capacities up to an industry-leading 3.2TB of storage.


According to Mike Gustafson, senior vice president and general manager of HGST’s Flash Platforms Group, “We expect to see significant growth in PCIe-based SSD demand, especially as businesses implement server-side Flash in conjunction with Flash-optimized software and applications.  As a strategic addition to our broad portfolio of SATA, SAS and PCIe SSDs, we expect the new Ultrastar SN100 series to raise the bar by delivering industry-leading performance, including consistent low access latency, as well as enterprise endurance.  We are also delighted about our partnership with Toshiba and look forward to strengthening our relationship in the years to come.”

HGST SN100 and SN150

HGST will also be implementing NVMe-compatible extensions to further boost innovation for server-side flash storage solutions.  By allowing value-added software layers to interface with the PCIe SSD’s NAND flash management, the software interacts with the SSDs in a more comprehensive manner, and data management optimizations are realized that can double the performance and endurance of flash solutions that do not utilize the extensions and software.

NVME Slide1

HGST currently has the Ultrastar SN100 series of NVMe-compatible SSDs sampling with key partners.  Please turn to page two to view the HGST press release.

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