Biwin Demonstrates NuvoDrive NX SSD and New PCIe SSD – Computex 2012 Update

It was only a few days back that we broke the news of Biwin’s introduction of the NuvoDrive NX SSD which used a new to market controller by NovaChips designated as the Bugatti NVS3600A.

Today at Computex we were able to speak with Joe James, VP of Worldwide Marketing, Biwin America, who walked us through a few benchmarks and also showed us a prototype PCIe SSD they were presently experimenting with.  The PCIe SSD might seem a bit familiar as it resembles the Super Talent upStream PCIe SSD.

Beginning with the NovaDrive NX, benchmarks displayed impressive ATTO results with both read and write performance above 500MB/s and Crystal DiskMark displayed some decent incompressible high sequential writes as well.  Low 4k random speeds showed a great result of 98MB/s in CDM which was confirmed in AS SSD but it was a bit unusual that these dropped to 57MB/s when testing with incompressible data in CDM.  This is definitely encouraging for a new controller coming to market.

Biwin also had a new PCIe SSD on display which practically mirrored the Super Talent RAIDDrive upStream we reviewed as it contained four SF-1200 processors in a RAID o configuration, utilized asynchronous NAND flash memory as well as a LSI SAS controller.

blankblankA spec sheet of this PCIe SSD showed that it could be available in capacities of 220, 460, 960 and 2TB with specifications of 1200MB/s read and 900MB/s write.  ATTO results came in just a bit lower as we see here:


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    Why did they go with the old SandForce controller??

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