Biwin Adapts NovaChips Bugatti SSD Controller For 10 Channel 6Gbps SSD Performance First

Biwin Announces Worlds First 10-Channel SATA III SSDs “ Enterprise Class NuvoDrive NX

25% More Channel Bandwidth than 8-Channel SSDs, Offered in 80GB, 160GB and 300GB Capacities

SAN JOSE, Calif. “ May 30, 2012 “ Biwin, an industry leader in flash storage products, today announced the worlds first 10-channel 2.5-inch SATA III (6 Gbits/sec) SSD, the enterprise class NuvoDrive NX, offered in 80GB, 160GB and 300GB capacities.

Virtually all current SATA III SSDs have 4- or 8-channel controllers. The NuvoDrive NXs is based on an advanced new 10-channel controller that alleviates the issue of flash bandwidth on the SATA III bus for high speed sequential transfers. The 10-channel controller also, for the first time, makes popular 80GB, 160GB and 300GB capacities available in a SATA III SSD.

NuvoDrive NX features a large 256MB DRAM cache to dramatically accelerate random write performance. NuvoDrive NX will deliver up to 80,000 4K random write IOPS for both compressible and incompressible data types. It supports sequential read and write speeds upwards of 500 MB/sec.

NuvoDrive NX SSDs are equipped with all the latest endurance, reliability and security features including: BCH ECC built in, global wear leveling, AES 128 and 256 encryption, native TRIM support, and support for SMART commands. NuvoDrive NX is sampling now to OEMs, and will be in mass production in Q3. Biwin will showcase a working demo system with the NuvoDrive NX at Computex Taipei, June 5-9 in Nangang Hall booth # J1218.




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  1. blank

    with more channels, does that mean its closer to saturate 6gbps speed? tbh, the 80k iops isnt that impressive consider the ssds nowadays are mostly capable of at least that much. i mean 80k iops is pretty high, but i would love to see some numbers in the 90s or 100k range.

  2. blank

    Intels G2 BA0 controller had 10 channels or pipelines, the only controller I know that’s had that many up until now, that’s probably one of the reasons it was competitive for so long.


    • blank

      Yes it was great as a SATA 2 example. Nice to hear from ya Pommie!

      • blank

        Nice to hear from you Les the sites great by the way, I also wonder whether Intels 6Gb/s controller used on the Hitachi enterprise drive has 10 channels, it wouldn’t surprise me if it had, wonder why Sandforce and Crucial went with only eight, those extra channels make a difference.

        Still disappointed Intel doesn’t use it’s own 6Gb/s controller, they are so good at developing controllers.

        Nice to hear from you again.


  3. blank

    10 channel is the smarter way to fast forward home during rush hour!

  4. blank

    Production date?

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