ADATA Releases S396 SATA 2 SSD For The Value Conscious

ADATA has announced the release of their new S396 SSD today hot on the heels of their new USB 3.0 flash drive. There certainly are two competing approaches at work here as the USB 3.0 flash drive is utilizing the newest, fastest standard, while the new S396 SSD is using the more commonplace 3Gb/s interface.

The ADATA S396 SSD is aimed directly at the average user in search of the more budget-conscious offering which expands the present range of SSDs available to the consumer.

This is a clever move by ADATA as the market is clamoring for affordable and reliable SSDs. The vast majority of users today are still using computers equipped with the 3Gb/s interface which affords this new SSD a very wide audience. The device is backed by a three year warranty which will ease any reliability concerns.

As a budget minded device, this SSD will be priced very competitively. Bearing in mind that over 90 percent of computing tasks involve 4k random speed and not sequential bandwidth, this device is optimized for random performance over the large sequential numbers we are used to seeing.

There 4k random read speeds aren’t listed, but the 4k random write speeds are revealed at 44,000 IOPS, and the SSD is touting 280/250 Mb/s of sequential read and write.

With several companies lining up to provide the mainstream users access to affordable SSDs, look for many more of these types of SSDs as the competition for the average user heats up!

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