ADATA First To Display Innogrit Gen 4×4 Controller that Hits 7GB/s Speeds in ADATA Sage SSD | CES 2020 Update

Wehave been in the game a longtime.  Things seem to cycle.  I remember years ago when we were at FMS and SMI entered the scene with their newest SSD controller and we pushed for release.  It was much the same with Phison and I can remember speaking to them at one point and saying they were great at showing upcoming products, but we wanted to see it in actual retail sales.  They followed suit.  Today… there is a new name on the floor here at CES 2020 and they are Innogrit.   ADATA is the first to show off Innogrit’s newest SSD controller at their booth, howeverm we cannot officially say but there others.  It is easily identifiable.  Look for 7GB/s SSD data transfer speeds.

This is the ADATA SAGE PCIe 4.0 SSD and it is the first time we have seen the Innogrit Rainier (IG5236) PCIe 4.0 controller on an actual SSD product where we can identify and provide a picture for you.  Right now, ADATA has this SSD running at 7GB/s read and 6GB/s write with 1000K IOPS.  It will be available in capacities up to 4TB (on a M.2 SSD), supports NVMe 1.4 and will have end-to-end data protection. 


Last but not least, ADATAs reputation is set, they have been in the business a long time and ADATA, along with their XPG game brand, is among the best in the business.  Innogrit, although being unknown, is much the same.  Dr. Zining Wu, former CTO of Marvell, is the brains behind Inogrit and, with him, many industry storage professionals followed.  He is sure to make a very prominent mark on the storage industry, that of which will we will all feel in some way shape or form.  The ADATA Sage is just the start!


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