Toshiba Shows Off OCZ Acquisition and Also Displays 15nm NAND & New SSDs – FMS 2014 Update

Those familiar to FMS might have noticed a bit of a change this year; the conference was missing that all too familiar OCZ flair around the entrance that so many had become accustomed to.  Some time ago, the OCZ acquisition by Toshiba was completed and, in fact, this purchase proved to be a very beneficial one, according to our meetings with Toshiba.  OCZ could be found integrated into the Toshiba scene if you look closely.

Toshiba-OCZ FMS-10

OCZ is displaying four products, one of which is their enthusiast class SSD solution named the Vector 150. The Vector has been out for a while now and is well known by most enthusiasts.

Toshiba-OCZ FMS-7

The other drives on display included their enterprise class products including the SATA Intrepid 3000 series. The Intrepid is their top of the line SATA based drive and is capable of up to 4 drive writes per day for 5 years when focusing on the 3800 series, which is built for mixed workloads, while the 3600 series is built more towards read intensive applications and is rated for 1 drive write per day for 5 years. Capacities are up to 800GB and it is rated for sustained I/O of up to 89,000.

Toshiba-OCZ FMS-2-2

For their PCIe solutions, they displayed the Z-Drive 4500 series and a ZD-XL SQL Accelerator 1.5. The Z-Drive 4500 series offers capacity up to 3.2TB, up to 2.9GB/s speeds and 250,000 sustained I/O. Endurance on the Z-Drive 4500 series is 1 drive write per day for 5 years. Their ZD-XL drive is built towards faster SQL server performance. It is optimized for OLTP and OLAP flash caching, has direct pass cache technology, and offers DAS and SAN DB volume acceleration.

Toshiba-OCZ FMS-1-2 Toshiba-OCZ FMS-3-2

On the Toshiba side of things, there is a new TLC NAND based drive, called the SG4, in which we go into more detail in our other article HERE.

HDD vs SSD-1

Displayed alongside their TLC 2.5″ SATA drive is a M.2 and mSATA form factor drives as well. Not a lot of information was shown for these drives, just that the SG4 drives will have 19nm TLC NAND, DEVSLP support, thermal throttling support, and capacities up to 1TB.  Right alongside, the HG6 drives have 19nm MLC NAND, capacities up to 512GB, and quadruple swing-by code error correction technology.

Toshiba-OCZ FMS-8

Furthermore, Toshiba is displaying their e-MMC and UFS fully managed NAND and their SLC NAND. There was also a wireless SD memory card called the FlashAir as well.

Toshiba-OCZ FMS-1-3 Toshiba-OCZ FMS-1-4

For the rest of the enterprise products, Toshiba has on display a server with 8 of their new 5TB HDDs and 8 800GB 12Gb/s SAS SSDs connected to a LSI MegaRAID SAS 9380-8e controller. The PX02SS and PX02SM drives are built for high endurance and mainstream use. They offer 12Gb/s and 6Gb/s SAS interface, capacities up to 1.6TB, and 7mm or 15mm z-height drive options.

Toshiba-OCZ FMS 5TB AND 12GB/s

TheirPX03SN and HK3R series drives offer 12GB/s SAS and 6Gb/s SATA interfaces, capacities up to 1.6TB for SAS and 480GB for SATA, and power loss protection.

Toshiba-OCZ FMS-1-6

Finally, on display was their 15nm NAND wafer. I’m always a sucker for the beauty a shiny NAND wafer offers to me.

Toshiba-OCZ FMS-4

And that pretty much wraps up what we found from Toshiba. More to come as interesting things come our way!


The SSD Review would like to thank Toshiba and Avant Technology for their support in our participation at the Flash Memory Summit 2014.


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