Tegile, Cisco, And VMware Joint Reference Architecture Now Officially Certified For Efficient Deployment Of VDI Desktops

Tegile Systems today announced that its joint reference architecture with Cisco Systems and VMware has been added to the VMware View Rapid Desktop Program and is now certified as a proven configuration that enables the fast and easy deployment of VDI desktops.

tegile zebi

The goal of the Rapid Desktop Program is to accelerate the adoption of VMware View solutions by enabling an ecosystem of pre-assembled, easily orderable appliances. Tegile has successfully combined its Zebi HA2100 storage array with Cisco Unified Computing System B200 M3 servers, Cisco Nexus Switching 5000 series platform and VMware View 5.1 with VMware vSphere 5 to offer customers a simple, unified and scalable desktop virtualization solution that provides faster deployments, greater flexibility of choice, efficiency and lower risk.

The benefits of the pre-configured architecture featuring Cisco UCS, VMware and Zebi storage arrays include high performance, storage capacity reduction, reduced server and storage footprint, high availability and a single platform for multiple workloads. The certified solution is now included in the VMware Solutions Exchange, an interactive platform that includes VMware-compatible solutions from VMware TAP partners like Tegile.


“The combination of Cisco, VMware and Tegile to improve the storage functionality within virtual desktop infrastructures is something that greatly benefits our joint customers who are looking to leverage the benefits of VDI without the need for cumbersome ad hoc storage infrastructures,” said Rob Commins, vice president of marketing, Tegile Systems. “By successfully testing and certifying a superior solution such as ours, we are providing companies with the peace of mind that such a system will work as intended and is readily available for immediate deployment. Being part of the VMware View Rapid Desktop Program further validates this position and helps makes our reference architecture one that should be considered by those looking to maximize capacity and optimize their storage and network infrastructure without compromising performance.”

Tegile Zebi arrays leverage the performance of SSD and low cost per TB of high capacity disk drives to deliver up to seven times the performance and up to 75 percent less capacity required than legacy arrays. Zebi hybrid arrays combine Tegile’s patent-pending MASS technology with high performance DRAM, solid state flash, Intel Xeon processors and high speed Ethernet or Fibre Channel, resulting in higher capacity and significantly higher performance. Maximizing capacity, on-the-fly de-duplication and data compression enable more hosted virtual desktops for a lower investment in storage and network infrastructure.

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