Skyera Adds Unified SAN/NAS To SkyHawk Series Enterprise SSD Storage Systems

Skyera has announced that it has added NAS to the company’s skyHawk series of solid-state storage systems. With SAN and NAS connectivity, the company’s unified storage vision is complete. The skyHawk series of enterprise solid-state storage systems are based entirely on latest generation Multi Level Cell (MLC) NAND Flash in a compact half-depth 1u form factor with a staggering 44 terabytes of high performance, low latency native usable capacity for the most demanding Big Data, analytics and virtualization applications.

Unlike other Flash storage software offerings, many of the skyHawk’s performance features are integrated directly into the system hardware, eliminating overhead and increasing overall performance. Skyera’s vertically integrated hardware, software, and now file system, minimizes communication and workflow between the system, RAID and Flash controllers, and eliminates the unnecessary APIs found between typical off the shelf storage operating system layers.

Multiprotocol storage systems, which combine block and file storage access protocols, are gaining interest and adoption by enterprises because they offer savings, advances in technology and simplified management. These unified storage arrays are being purchased by IT managers who are looking to reduce capital and operational expenses, as well as limit the number of IT and data storage administrators required to manage their companies’ growing block and file storage requirements.


Skyera’s new NAS offering is seamlessly integrated with SEOS, Skyera’s solid-state operating system. Key capabilities include full support for compression, read-only and writable snapshots, thin provisioning and three different levels of quality-of-service so customers can build different file systems to meet varying business requirements. The focus is not only on feature set but also on ease of use & management. Common management operations, like file system creation, export, snapshot and real-time performance monitoring can be done in a single click via the skyHawk web-based or command line interface.

“A true solid-stage storage solution must be more than sticking Flash media and controllers in a box with software that was not designed specifically for solid-state technology,” said Radoslav Danilak, CEO and co-founder of Skyera. “We wanted to simplify the life of the storage administrator by converging storage protocols into a unified enterprise solid-state storage solution rather than “bolting on” these new capabilities to old storage platforms.”

With the enterprise solid-state storage systems market expected to grow to $4 billion in 2015 from only $260 million last year, Skyera built an entirely new architecture from the ground up to fully leverage the benefits of next-generation flash memory while overcoming the limitations faced by other solution vendors. Skyera’s disruptive system-level solid-state storage technology combines storage and networking to achieve greater speed, reliability and efficiency than both traditional and solid state solutions on the market today.

Skyera will be demonstrating skyHawk with these latest advanced capabilities at Dell Enterprise Forum, June 4-6, in San Jose, CA and Cloud Expo, June 10-13, in New York City.

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