Samsung Releases New Lineup Of SD & Micro SD Flash Memory Cards

Everybody has had that moment; that moment where you walk into an isle at department store and face that never-ending wall filled with identical products. All with different names, advertisements, features, and a marketing ploy to help their product stand out more than the product beside it. It then becomes more of a challenge to find the product that best suits your needs, or is exactly what you are looking for, especially when it comes to flash cards. There are hundreds, if not thousands of options to choose from, and it can be difficult to chose the one the fits your needs specifically.

To make buying a little easier, Samsung has introduced their new lineup of SD and micro SD cards, with a simple scheme to help with your purchase. Their lineup consists of three categories, Standard, EVO and PRO, which is very much similar to their solid-state drive lineup. As you could imagine, as you progress through Samsung’s flash card lineup, the quality of the card increases. The designs of the products are also very simple, as Samsung even displays what each card would be best suited for. It can be difficult to decide which capacity would best suit your smart phone, or action camera, or even your mirror less digital camera. Samsung’s packaging is designed to help make purchasing easier, as each package displays an image to give you an example of how you can best use that specific SD or micro SD card.

Samsung SD Cards Featured

To break down their SD card lineup into finer detail, the Standard flash cards are mainly designed with HD video recording in mind, perfect for that entry-level mobile phone or digital camera. To take the next step up the EVO line is geared towards full HD video recording, high resolutions pictures, as well as high quality audio files. The EVO cards would best suit your everyday smartphone, tablet or even mirror less digital camera. At the far end of the performance spectrum, the PRO flash memory card lineup is primarily geared towards 3D video recording and is excellent for large-capacity file transfers. The PRO SD cards would be an excellent choice for your high-end smartphones, action cameras, or your DSLR digital cameras.

Samsung SD Cards

It terms of performance, the listed transfer speeds for the Standard SD cards is up to 24 MB/s, the EVO is up to 48MB/s and the PRO is up to 90MB/s for read and 80MB/s for write (with lower performance for the 16GB capacity at 50MB/s). Samsung also introduces their reliable 5-proof technology to help ensure that your files are protected. The five categories of protection are water proof – up to 24 hours in sea water, temperature proof – operating temperatures between -25 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius, as well as magnetic, shock and X-ray proof.

Samsung SD Cards 2

Samsung has really put together an extensive lineup of SD and micro SD cards, that will be available the week of this posting, in capacities ranging from 4 GB to 64GB.  Please stay tuned, as we will be showcasing benchmarks, as well as user reviews of the new Samsung flash memory card lineups.

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