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is a technology nut and Founder of The SSD Review. His early work includes the first consumer SSD review along with MS Vista, Win 7 and SSD Optimization Guides. Les is fortunate to, not only evaluate and provide opinion on consumer and enterprise solid state storage but also, travel the world in search of new technologies and great friendships. Google+

Intel 320 Series 300GB SATA II SSD Review – HDTune Pro

HDTune Pro  V. 4.6 – Benchmark The graph line of the above chart is the absolutely straightest we have ever seen. We learned some time ago that this line translates into system stability and, if it looks like a heartbeat, you can bet there are some issues with your software that you might want to look into. As well, the …

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Intel 320 Series 300GB SATA II SSD Review Comparison and Conclusions

Our next chart will depict all SSDs that we have tested, including RAID configurations and RAID configured Cards.  Just to demonstrate that Intel is the only manufacturer to bring in 3 SSDs of different configurations, we have decided to include all 3. Our Intel 160GB X25m was swapped out for the new 320 Series 300GB in the Acer Timeline 1810T …

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LSI MegaRAID SAS/SATA 9265-HDTune Pro Benchmark

HDTUNE v. 4.6 RANDOM BENCH AND EXTRAS HDTune shows some interesting parameters that others do not, and gives some good latency numbers for various file access sizes. LINKED INDEX INTRODUCTION ~ EXTERNAL CHARACTERISTICS ~ BENCHMARK PREP ATTO/CRYSTAL ~ AS SSD ~ HDTUNE PRO ~ WEI/AIDA ~ IOMETER PASSMARK ~ VANTAGE ~ CONCLUSIONS AND THOUGHTS If you want more detailed information …

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LSI MegaRAID SAS/SATA 9265-8i – WEI and AIDA64

WIN7 EXPERIENCE INDEX The Win7 Experience Index (WEI) represents Microsofts method of rating computer systems and, more specific to our usage, provides a storage evaluation through a graduated rating system up to 7.9 on pc components and the system as a whole. This benchmark is built into Windows and anyone can use it by simply typing: Go to Win Orb/All …

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