Kingston HyperX Max 3.0 External USB 3 128GB SSD Review – Conclusions

The Kingston HyperX Max 3.0 128GB USB 3 SSD is the first of its kind that we have tested and we are thoroughly impressed.  Its internal PCB is based on that of Kingstons own SSDNow V+100 SSD which has had a great deal of success and its specs fall just below the V+100 which is a given as we have the USB 3 bridge to consider in this footprint.  Given the speed shown here, durability and Kingstons 3 year warranty, it is a natural that we would throw our recommendation in as this is a definite asset to anyone seeking external storage and needing the added benefits of their datas safety and security.

With respect to value, the price tag of $284.99 seems a bit high, but wait, it just got marked down to $234.99 with rebates.  I know we don’t like rebates but $50 is $50 right?

In any case, we have to consider the cost difference as this is no ordinary solid state drive.  It has the added USB3 daughterboard as well as shock resistant metal casing to hold it all in place.

Gone are the days where we had any concern whatsoever after inadvertently dropping an external hard drive and wondering if we could salvage anything within.

Last but not least, we once again wanted to re-iterate just how solid this product is.  Although very thin and compact, it simply feels as though it is a solid piece of metal.  Without removing the rubber feet, one would almost believe this is a ‘uni-body’ design and their was no access to the circuit board itself.


As coincidence may have it, this review is being completed just short of a several thousand mile motorcycle trip down south, one in which always includes the laptop.  Would I now class the HyperX as a ‘must have’ in the few items that accompany me for the trip?  Definitely!

Pg1 – Introduction

Pg2 – Benchmark Protocol & Initial Testing

Pg3 – AS SSD & PCMark Vantage

Pg4 – HDTune Pro

Pg5 – Conclusions


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    Hey Les, this is Cape Consultant 🙂 Are you traveling anywhere near Cape Cod? Looks like a great product for a guy like me that has to do backups for clients on the road. Dave

    RESPONSE… Sorry Dave but we will be back there one day!

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