Intel 320 Series 300GB SATA II SSD Review – HDTune Pro

HDTune Pro  V. 4.6 – Benchmark

The graph line of the above chart is the absolutely straightest we have ever seen. We learned some time ago that this line translates into system stability and, if it looks like a heartbeat, you can bet there are some issues with your software that you might want to look into.

As well, the access time of .055ms is great to see as it translates into the visible difference one will see in moving to a SSD from a hard drive.  A typical hard drive has an access time of 9 seconds or more which is 163 times slower.  This can then be affected by the size of the file where an SSD returns information in one sweep like oil running through a pipeline whereas the hard drive returns information in chunks.

HDTune Pro  V. 4.6 – File Benchmark

blankHDTune Pro  V. 4.6 – Benchmark

blankHDTune Pro  V. 4.6 – Benchmark


Pg1 – Introduction and Physical Characteristics

Pg2 – Bench Protocol and Initial Tests

Pg3 – HDTune Pro Benchmarks

Pg4 – AS SSD and PCMark Vantage

Pg5 – SSD Comparison and Conclusions


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