Transcend SSD370 SSD Review (256GB) – Great SSD Value Point

SSDs have been around for several years now, but some could argue that they have yet to hit mainstream.  When you compare SSD sales today to the hard drive, we could make a case when we state that they are still in their infancy.  The biggest reasoning for this, of course, has been industries lack of ability to find that key ingredient that makes the SSD a ‘must have’ in the eyes of the consumer.  Where price was a huge deterrent in the early years with a 128GB SSD going for over $3000, this was replaced by reliability that then opened the doors to performance, capacity and, all along, value has been a key ingredient in any success the SSD would have. Even today manufacturers still haven’t a foothold on just the right mix to sell the consumer in mass.

Transcend SSD370 SSD Extra

Today, value and ease of installation seem to be key ingredients in finding success at the consumer level; great performance, high-capacity and reliability of which have all become commonplace. Transcend hopes to have found just the right mix in the SSD370, making it widely available in more capacities than we have seen from any other in some time, but also, selling it at a price point that has only ever been equaled by the likes of Samsung, SanDisk and Crucial/Micron themselves. Somehow, their pricing is at, or below that of even the NAND flash memory manufacturers.  This might just be a great start…but what about ease of installation?


The Transcend SSD 370 is available in capacities of 32, 64, 128, 256 and 512GB, along with a 1TB size.  A quick check of Amazon reveals that the Transcend SSD370 pricing has been set very low with prices of $48 (32GB), $53 (64GB), $69 (128GB), $119 (256GB), $224 (512GB) and $449 (1TB), its lowest price point being  43¢/GB. The SSD370 is a SATA 3 SSD, has built-in wear-leveling and ECC to ensure data transfer and reliability over time, and comes with a three-year warranty.

Transcend SSD370 SSD Exterior frontTranscend SSD370 SSD Exterior BackIts packaging includes the SSD370, a desktop adapter, warranty papers, along with an easy to follow instruction guide, complete with a download link to Transcend’s own SSD Scope Utility.  SSD Scope contains easy to understand menus that provide information on the SSD, its SMART attributes, Health Scan, Secure Erase, Firmware Update, TRIM, Health Status, along with an easy to follow System Clone menu that walks you through migration from the hard drive to a SSD.

SSD Scope Clone

The one thing this package doesn’t include is a USB to SSD adapter cable, something that unfortunately would be enough to deter those walking on the fence from making that HDD to SSD jump.  Having said that, we were very impressed with the simplicity of SSD Clone as it just made sense to that new user who would be moving to SSDs for the first time.


We have to say though that inclusion of that USB cable would have made this story so much more compelling as we have seen just this with the Kingston V310 SSD that we did a review on only a short time ago.  The Kingston kit included, not only the USB cable, but also, it included an external SSD case that allowed the removed storage drive to be used as an external storage device after the migration. Having said that, the Kingston package doesn’t come close to that of the Transcend SSD370.