Super Talent RAIDDrive upStream 220GB PCIe SSD Review – Plug and Play, Bootable and 1GB/s Speed


Crystal Disk Benchmark is used to measure read and write performance through sampling of raw (0/1 Fill/compressible) or random data which is, for the most part, incompressible. Many new SandForce Driven SSD owners who cant wait to test the performance of their SSD often grab this program and run a quick test, not realizing that they are testing with incompressible data rather than compressible data used in testing by manufacturers.  We have provided compressible (oFill) results on the left with incompressible (random data) results on the right.

We were a bit curious just how mixing the older SandForce SF-1222 processor with newer 25nm asynchronous NAND flash memory was going to result and the result on the right is very close to what we expected.  The performance of the asynchronous memory is evident on the right through the lower write results of 130 and 132MB/s while the lower 4k random write result of 40MB/s is indicative of the SF-1222 processor.


Up until recently, AS SSD was the only benchmark created specifically for SSD testing and it uses incompressible data.  AS SSD, for the most part, gives us the worst case scenario in SSD transfer speeds while using SandForce Driven SSDs as they use compression in storage as discussed earlier.  Many enthusiasts like to benchmark with AS SSD for their needs.

In comparing Crystal DiskMark to AS SSD, the AS SSD results always tend to be lower as AS SSD provides the average of the tests conducted, whereas Crystal posts the highest result reached.   AS SSD Copy Benchmark provides a bit more of a realistic view as seen here:

AS SSD Copy BenchMark simulates the copying of an iso, program and game from one location to another and provides the highest transfer speeds and time it took to complete the transfer.  These results are significantly higher than we actually expected which is great.

The Compression Benchmark is typical of what we see with SandForce drives where they start low and then peak much higher and in the range somewhat in the area of specifications, remembering again that this drive was simply ripped out of Super Talents display test bench at CeBIT.