OCZ Z-Drive R4 C PCI Express 1.6TB SSD Review – OCZ Z-Drive R4 versus FUSION-IO ioDrive Duo


If you ever wonder just how fast technology is advancing, a quick look at one of our first Samsung SSD Review will open your eyes. Three and a half years ago, we tested the first Samsung SSD release and realized top performance of 100MB/s.

Todays benchmarks of the Z-R4 are 28 times better and easily capable of being 52 times better should OCZ add on another Superscale Storage Accelerator to the mix (hint, hint).

After all, the Z-R4 contains eight (8) SandForce SF-2281 processors.  Can it be anything other than fast?

The OCZ Z-Drive R4 PCI Express 2.0 SSD did much more than open our eyes though; it knocked us off of our feet.  Its performance of 2.8GB/s is mesmerizing and the thought that we can double this performance with another chip, resulting in well over a million IOPS, is incredible. The Z-R4 is tuned for large queue depths and, as funny as it is, we had to rely once again on IOMeter as the newest and greatest in SSD Benchmark Software (Anvil Pro) can only test to a maximum QD of 64.  The problem with this, of course, is that the Z-R4 lives and breathes QD128 which makes this one of the best enterprise storage devices available for its price point.

As much as the Z-R4 will soon become a main stay in the enterprise environment, we can’t help but wonder how many are salivating over the thought and wondering if they can stretch their budget just a bit.

After all, it only takes a quick driver installation, placement in the PCIe slot and a reboot to get her up to speed.

The amusing reality of any enthusiast OCZ Z-Drive R4 purchase is, however, that they really don’t have to  worry too much about stretching their budget, especially when the Z-R4 can be considered a steal at a purchase price of $7/GB.

As for us, included return shipping instructions found in the original package guarantees this SSDs flight back to California in record time!  Uuuuuh…. Where are those shipping documents again?  Oh oh….

Credit also has to be given to FUSION-IO as they have a great SSD in the ioDrive Duo and it did reach some amazing performance benchmarks.  The io-D was, in fact, the only comparable product that we truly thought could even offer competition to the Z-R4 which shows our reasoning behind such a comparison review. As for our final call, it has to be the OCZ Z-Drive R4 by a KO!


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