Saturday , 24 January 2015
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Western Digital Black2 Dual Drive Review (1TB HDD/120GB SSD) – Combining SSD Performance with HDD Capacity

WD Black2 feature

Recent designs in the laptop market are now seeing the availability of both an mSATA connector for SSDs, as well as the typical SATA connector for hard drives; the Lenovo Thinkpad is a great example of this.  With the demand for additional capacity, we had also seen adapters which allowed for the swapping of optical drives for an additional hard ... Read More »

MyDigitalSSD 128GB mSATA SuperCache 2 Caching SSD Review


Today’s review is of MyDigitalSSD’s SuperCache 2 mSATA 128GB SSD, and the FNet HybriDisk caching software.  A license key for the HybriDisk software is included with the purchase of the SuperCache 2. INTRODUCTION How does a caching SSD work?  It works in conjunction with a hard drive disk (HDD) to create what the operating system sees as a single, combined storage partition. ... Read More »

Corsair Accelerator Series Caching SSD Announced – CES 2012 Update


This morning at CES we met with Corsair and discussed their Corsair Accelerator Series of SSDs which as new to the Corsair family. This new solution is aimed directly at the common user, and not the power enthusiast per se. Corsair maintains, and we agree, that utilizing NAND flash within a users system does not have to be prohibitively expensive ... Read More »