Crucial M4 Adrenaline 50GB Cache SSD Review – Watch Your Hard Drive Perform Like an SSD

If you own a desktop computer, or even a dual drive laptop computer, and you haven’t considered the advantages of solid state drives yet, this review is going to open your eyes.

Our review today will examine the Crucial Adrenaline SATA 3 50GB Caching SSD and how it fits into the consumer market.  We will explain the simplicity of installation, examine the performance gain and we will draw a very clear picture of how this SSD can benefit you in your typical daily computer activity.


The Crucial Adrenaline is available in a 50GB capacity and a quick check shows it’s present price to be $99 US at the time of the report.  The exterior package includes the a Crucial M4 50GB SATA 3 SSD, instructions for download and a serial number for NVELO Dataplex Software, a 2.5″ to 3.5″ adapter so the SSD can be easily installed in any desktop system as well as a data cable for connection to your systems motherboard.

This is a caching SSD so data that is frequently accessed is stored on the SSD for quick retrieval when needed, significantly reducing the time for such things as start up and normal PC activities.  There is no need for a system ‘fresh install’ or any modifications to your present operating system whatsoever.  The the end result is that you have the exact same computer environment that you had before the installation, except you get where you have to go with lightning speed now.


The exterior case is metal and secured by four screws, one of which is covered by security tape and will void your warranty if removed.  A quick click on the pictures will enlarge them and you will see the firmware of the SSD to be #0309 which was an excellent firmware upgrade for Crucial as it increased the performance of their M4 SSDs significantly.

Inside the case is a printed circuit board (PCB) which contains the Marvell 88SS9174 SATA 3 controller, Micron DRAM cache and eight pieces of Micron 25nm mlc NAND flash memory (29F64G08CFACB), each having a capacity of 8GB.  This results in a total RAW capacity of 64GB, however, this SSD is over provisioned to provide for performance and endurance as a cache solution and the advertised capacity is 50GB.  There are no components on the rear of the PCB.


Installation is quick and easy.  Simply follow the instructions found under the top of the interior case of the SSD and download the software.

From there, ensure that the Crucial Adrenaline is installed and follow the on screen instructions. You will have to enter your Activation Key for initial software download, and then again during its installation.

The third screen will confirm which hard drive is going to be cached as well as the Crucial Adrenaline Caching SSD.  If the SSD is not recognized, check power and data connections.