Corsair Neutron XTi SSD Review (480GB)


In testing, the latest Corsair Neutron XTi delivered great performance and consistency, especially under heavy workloads. Sequential speeds met or even surpassed its ratings, 4K QD1 performance was respectable, and it delivered nearly 100K/90K IOPS read/write during testing. It reached over 88K Points in PCMark Vantage and surpassed many of the mainstream and enthusiast class SSDs in PCMark 8. Furthermore, during the PCMark 8 run it delivered some of the best consistency we have seen other than the SanDisk Extreme Pro and OCZ Vector 180. It even beat out most SSDs by a large margin in the heavy workload phases, which is very impressive.

Corsair Neutron XTi 480GB Main

Additionally, the Corsair Neutron went through our 30GB file transfer test with ease, averaging a write speed of nearly 550MB/s. This performance provided by the S10 controller, extra DRAM, and 15nm planar MLC flash matched with its power consumption, however, didn’t provide for the best efficiency like we have seen with 3D TLC products form Crucial and Samsung. Even similarly designed SSDs like the Zotac Premium Edition SSD, PNY CS2211, and Kingston HyperX Savage demonstrated a bit better efficiency. Based on this, we can see that the extra DRAM does have a slight draw back, but for most, a difference in a watt or less of power here and there shouldn’t matter that much for a gamer or enthusiast. More often than not, the systems being used by them are overclocked and the owners are drawing significantly more power without a care. Idle power consumption on the other hand is much better and in line with what we see with other SSDs and it supports DevSleep, making it great for use in the latest laptops.


Corsair Neutron XTi 480GB Controller

Overall, the Corsair Neutron XTi provided some high performance at low latencies when testing and ranks as one of the best performing SSDs in the market now. At a lower cost than the Samsung 850 Pro and almost on part with the SanDisk Extreme Pro the Corsair Neutron XTi is fairly priced, but if they want to stick out more, Corsair should consider a bit more of a discount considering it has half the warranty length of its main rivals at 5-years. With power loss protection, end-to-end data path protection and programming to keep your data intact and secure, its Phison S10 controller provides for a great feature set. Endurance figures are very good as well with ratings from 160TB to 640TB. Corsair even has a great SSD toolbox for those who decide to purchase one of their many SSDs. While it isn’t the fanciest looking GUI, it is one of the most comprehensive toolboxes we have used.

If you are looking for a high-end SSD for your next purchase for media editing or if the red and black design will suite your next build perfectly, you can’t go wrong with the Corsair Neutron XTi. It is high performance product that provides a good value, which is why we are awarding it out Gold Seal!

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If you are looking for a high-end SSD for your next purchase for media editing or if the red and black design will suite your next build perfectly, you can't go wrong with the Corsair Neutron XTi. With sequential speeds of up to 560MB/s read and 540MB/s write, low latencies, and a great show during our PCMark 8 testing, the Corsair Neutron XTi has earned our Gold Seal of approval.

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The first page mentions a 3 year warranty then later says a 5 year warranty?

Sean Webster

It is a 5-year warranty, thanks for spotting the typo!