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ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T 32GB Tablet Review

Change of the white balance from auto to a few settings slightly changes the color but not much control. You can change the exposure from -2 darker image for a neutral picture (what the camera see’s to +2 for a brighter image to compensate for the darkness). They are all about the same quality and same graininess; it’s more personal preference really. Here is a good example of the TF700T’s colour reproduction and DOF in good lighting conditions:

ASUS’ website has a lovely photo of the Eiffel tower lit up like a professional camera took it. We took this thing for a late night photo-shoot using the dock as a tripod, the results of which didn’t turn out as great. Any bright light source, such as a street light, will totally overexpose an area and create an ugly glare.

It’s better if you can block the primary light source but that’s almost impossible while taking a night photo since that requires a lot light. The Infinity can still achieve an okay shot as long as your primary light source is behind or above you.

The 2MP camera front-facing camera is nothing amazing, but it’s a huge improvement over the 1.2MP on the Prime (which looked more like a 640×480 display while video calling). The Infinity’s camera still doesn’t look like a 2MP camera to me compared to say a proper webcam. My old 1.2MP HP laptop webcam from 2007 still outperforms it. With that said, the front-facing camera is better for making video calls over Skype or just the occasional snapshot. Just make sure you are properly lit.

Out of all the tablets I’ve played around with including the Transformer Prime and Samsung Note 10.1, the TF700T’s camera does produce the clearest images, especially macro’s, and has the best colour reproduction. This is also the same camera in the TF201T and TF300T. The main difference with the TF700T is that ASUS said they added one extra lens to the camera for better DOF.

  • renosablast

    Just order the TF300T 32GB for my wife as an Xmas present. I might even let her use it once in a while!

    • Winky

      My like is for the Nexus 10

      I’ll buy it for myself since that’s the only guarantee that I’ll get at least 1 present I like.

      I had the first Asus Transformer and it was a dog.

      • scott Truman

        I did was not worth $499. I returned it for the Infinity. Infinity is worth every penny and then some.

      • Terry Barker

        So how do you like the Infinity? I would really like to know.

      • Terry Barker

        I don’t think you will go wrong at all with that decision really looks like a sweet tablet.

    • Terry Barker

      you will both enjoy her present a lot.

  • PCUser

    I’m buying the Nexus 10

    • ASUS rules – iPad/Nexus sucks

      Bad choice!. Think again. Nexus 10 doesn’t have (micro)SD-card slot, same as iPad. Also no Dock: keyboard, extra battery (15hrs), full USB (mouse, external HardDrive), … Remember ASUS rules!

      • pcuser

        Asus rules nothing!

        They are all about marketing hype.

        Just look at their gaming lineup not having a model with a GTX680M.They’d rather hype quiet than top performance.

        If I want all of that which you mention I’d buy a notebook.

        Yes,micro SD card would be nice but not deal breaker.There’s always the cloud for storage if you need..

        IMO,the Nexus 10 is the best tablet out there for price vs performance.

        Made by Samsung.

      • Terry Barker

        Nexus 10 really looks to be a beautiful tablet I will say the price between both products is roughly the same for a 32GB version.
        one really nice thing about the Nexus is it’s a google product you will always get the new update of Android before anyone. You might wait months (longer) on other devices.
        I like the Infinity more but truthfully haven’t found a Nexus 10 in the wild yet and really want to play around with it.

  • esesdee

    what is the read and write speed of the internal memory.

    • Terry Barker

      good question I will try to find out
      I know transferring large files can take along time while connected via USB. i usually throw media on a microSD first. Then transfer that to internal storage.

  • paytonjr

    Great review! It’s nice to read a review without a clear bias toward another product.

    • Terry Barker

      Thanks a lot much appreciated

  • HDBadBoy_RGV

    Check this out for a youtube review of Asus Infinity.

  • HDBadBoy_RGV