ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T 32GB Tablet Review


Dual microphones are perfect for Skype calls or taking notes, but are very sensitive and even moving the tablet around a little can cause a great deal of static/windy noise. This is the downfall of the Infinity; the audio from the headphone jack to the small sound of the speaker. It’s just too quiet.

In a very still room you might be okay, but any background noise or light talking and it’s a struggle to hear what you’re listening to. The speaker isn’t distorted or horrible; I just don’t know why they couldn’t make it a little louder. You can counter this by downloading an equalizer app which will boost the audio¦ The negative is that the Infinity is still a bit quiet and it distorts the sound pretty badly.

The TF101, TF201, and TF300 also have the same issues. Comparing this to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1’s stereo front-facing speakers is no contest; the Infinity’s speakers just don’t cut it. Instead we suggest the X-Mini Capsule Speakers as they work wonderfully for quiet devices like this. If they fit in the budget, look into a nice pair of Bluetooth headphones or a Bluetooth stereo.

Moving on, the Infinity has two cameras: one rear-facing (the primary) and one front-facing (secondary) for video calls:

The Infinity boasts an 8MP back illuminated CMOS sensor with a low aperture of f/2.2. That means it allows more light to get into the sensor and hopefully creating a nice depth of field. Does it work? Somewhat. With macro you can achieve a nice crisp image with decent blurred DOF with proper exposure and lighting. You can see the depth of field taken with the camera it works best in strong natural light:

Testing the camera both indoors and outdoors in multiple lighting conditions was a breeze. The layout is quite simple, with a good selection of features. Would this replace even a point and shoot camera? Heck no…but the best camera to have is the one with you. If you are in a pinch the Infinity can achieve some very nice shots in proper lighting, although it’s awkward to take photos as the tablet is quite large. The default Android camera software has a very simple layout. Switching between the rear and front camera is a simple one-button touch. However, the settings menu leaves a lot to be desired: