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TSSDR Mega SSD Giveaway Week 3 – Crucial M4 256GB mSATA SATA 3 SSD

Welcome to Week Three of TSSDR’s Grand Birthday SSD Giveaway Celebration and we are going to mix things up a bit for this one!

This week, TSSDR has teamed up with Crucial to give away one of the smallest, highest capacity and most powerful storage devices on the planet, a Crucial M4 256GB mSATA SSD.  Weighing in at only 7 grams, being only 1/3rd the size of a credit card and just higher than a 25 cent piece, this SSD is just pure genius.

Once again the contest is open to WORLDWIDE entries and there is no FB requirement. For this draw however, each person will only need to earn one ballot and we hope to have made things easier yet for contest entry!  mSATA SSD lovers unite!


  1. You MUST comment on our Forum Giveaway Post and participate in our Forums during the period of the contest to be eligible to win.  Let’s be honest here folks; the purpose of our draws is to build our community and help bring people into the world of SSDs.  These draws are only possible if we can build a community that would encourage such draws in the future.
  2. We would like you to comment on our Site post at the bottom of this entry;
  3. We would like you to LIKE our Facebook Post and consider following our Facebook Page ;
  4. We would like you to LIKE Crucial’s Facebook Post which speaks to our contest.

At the end of the day, we would like these types of giveaways to continue but we need the support of our readers and manufacturers to do this.  The concept of entering and NOT becoming part of a Forum community doesn’t hold its own but the possibility of future monthly contests being limited to the top…say 50 contributors… in a strong community is great.  Help me…help you!

This contest will run from posting until Sunday 23 September 2012 at 11:59pm.  Drawing may be delayed a few days for this draw as our staff are on a business venture until return on Thursday 27 September 2012.

Contest is open to worldwide entries, no FB requirement, winners are required to answer a very silly skill testing question in accordance with Canadian regulations and, to qualify, one must post to the Contest Thread at our Forums and be a regularly contributing member during the period of the draw.

  • Apparently I got here before “the paint” even dried 🙂 Crucial M4 256GB mSATA SSD for the Win!!

  • Thanks for this giveaway!

  • Denis

    A friend of mine have Crucial 128GB SSD and he is very happy with high-speed performance. It would be great to have some for me.

  • want want want!

  • Denis

    I’m considering to buy an ssd soon (M4 256GB is a good candidate for a purchase), but it would be great to save money for the new graphics card.

  • Zhuang Lin

    Thanks and Good Luck ppl!

  • Trak

    Crucial has the best SSD’s on the Market….I need one!

  • Awesome giveaway, just put one in a 3D Cad machine, Windows 7 x64 boots in 4.5 seconds every time. Wicked FAST!!!

  • Heather Kalist

    Awesome giveaway, just put one in a 3D Cad machine, Windows 7 x64 boots in 4.5 seconds every time. Wicked FAST!!!

  • Awesome stuff

  • Obone

    Thanks I am in

  • I entered the contest last week, and am crossing my fingers for a win!!!! If not, this looks great, too!!! Please help a new PC builder out! (Ordered ever thang today!)

  • jimmyx27

    Whoa this site is awesome!

  • SSD FTW! Time to get rid of this 120GB HDD.

  • jutenheim223

    Wow! this is a great giveaway, thank you TSSDR 🙂 I’m dying to try one SSD, just one would be enough.

  • Worldwide comp! woot count me in!

  • great giveaway thanks!

  • techrat

    Hello to everyone. Looking forward to joining the ranks of the SSD users.

  • ugly

    Crucial makes a great SSD. Good luck to all who enter.

  • nojnojnoj

    count me in

  • Lim Chung Chen

    What a impressive SSD technology! I hope I can own one to experience it!

  • Crucial M4 is a great SSD, who said good things don’t come in small packages.

  • Entered 🙂 Thank you so much for this chance The SSD Review and thank you so much Crucial Memory for being Awesome Sponsor!!

  • 256gb in that tiny ssd drive wooow talk about big things in small packages hope i win this time

  • wow this small thing can make your pc fly 🙂

  • mojo706

    That SSD has more Storage than My HDD 🙁

  • Visigoth

    Excellent SSD for PC! Thanks, TheSSDReview, for giving away such awesome prices.

  • Great SSD! Awesome giveaway, thx to TSSDR and Crucial 😉

  • nazeem

    I’m in! And just in time too – i need a new SSD for my next build! 😀

  • great giveaway!

  • Yeppers!!!!! SSD is the nest big thing ! cheers !

  • I really need an SSD in my system! I’m so curious about the speed of them =) never tried one before! Thanks for the weekly giveaway, TSSDR!

  • Entered 🙂

  • Dan_Br

    This would be the perfect addition to my recent built, that was made possible by the help I received from the SSD review and forum

  • esesdee

    ssd will take over and this little beast is an example of hightec these days.

  • Antik20


  • zfb123

    lol so true about the silly skill testing question requirement in Canada!

  • Thanks for another oppurtunity in a great giveaway! looking forward to a Chance!! Thanks also to Crucial for their generosity!

  • Nice review

  • taneujeng

    Another SSD contest? Les how did you get your hands on so many SSDs to giveaway!

    • The manufacturers all jumped aboard and we still have many more to give away. Look for inclusions from companies such a OWC, Runcore, Memoright and a few others!! in fact, I think we may have Kingston on board for the entire month of October and four great SSDs to give away.

  • felix

    Giveaways are getting more and more frequent here!!!
    Thank you for your excellent reviews!!!!

  • renosablast

    Keep them coming, Les!

  • jefkz

    Great prize.

  • I want it please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Entered 🙂 Thanks The SSD Review and Crucial!


  • I am in, hit it!

  • mutex7

    Have to do me some reading on mSATA but okay, I’ll take it.

  • Thanks Crucial and TSSDR for giving us the opportunity to own a nice SSD

  • Exceeding our expectations again. Thanks a lot. Be sure to count me in. And big hugs to Crucial for helping. Would love to win a solid drive

  • count me in – would love to try this out with my Asus Gene motherboard

  • Awesome, In!

  • Awesome, count me

  • Ion

    Incredible size!

  • Mat_t

    Interesting. I was just thinking it’s time to get an SSD to go with the 10k raptor.

  • Bob2701

    Great prize

  • I am in

  • great prize

  • Gabriela S.

    Cruciual rules!

  • menthys

    In love with SSD – what an awesome prize!

  • I am really thankful someone illuminates this new and sometimes cryptic world of SSD’s so we can make and help others make better buying decisions….

  • hope to winnnn

  • I just got through installing one of these Crucial mSATA drives in my Samsung Series 9 laptop. I can notice the difference between it and the sandisk drive originally installed.

  • KL Wong

    Thanks for another great giveaway!

  • I like this.

  • vlun88

    im in

  • TSSDR Mega SSD Giveaway

  • I cant find the post on crucials page to like it? but will keep checking

  • A great prize with fantastic performances!

  • SweUnit

    Count me in! This would be a perfect match for my Maximus V Gene’s MSata slot! 🙂

  • awesome contest …

  • Stas

    Free SSD to everyone! And thanks!

  • Love to grab one of these

  • im in already follow both you and crucial on fb

  • About time I upgraded my Apex to one of these bad boys!

  • Msp33d

    Show me the money!!!! or the SSD.

  • I’d love a new SSD to put in my aging computer

  • al3mer95

    I hope to be the winner .

  • great giveaway

  • Derka. I really need an SSD..

  • John

    I would love to build a new system winning a ssd would e a nice start

  • Crucial <3!

  • It’s raining SSD! :3

  • WOW two?!? Awesome Crucial! Thank you so much for this great giveaway!

  • awesome!

  • ET3D

    Sweet SSD.

  • Sushruta

    Thanks for the awesome opportunity to win a Crucial M4 SSD. <3

  • I would love to move from stone age and use real power of SDD 🙂

  • nimda79


  • HenryCalibre

    Week three and I am hoping to be picked this round !

  • I really love your contests 😀

  • awesome giveaways TSSDR! keep em up!

  • Mordread


  • Vitaliy

    Done ! good luck to all !

  • Great contest!

  • PB and J

    Thanks for another top contest!

  • I am going to continue to join these contests for the rest of my days… I have never won anything before tho :'( help me turn my frown upside down! 😀

  • Sweet!

  • Ryan Swedine

    Well I posted a comment but for some reason Disqus hates me never lets my comments stick.. Anyway I said this would be AWESOME in my Maximus V Gene. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win this epic piece of SSD!

  • Another awesome giveaway SSD Review! Thanks Crucial! Good luck everyone!

  • najiro

    weee! nice SSD!

  • Dezeer

    Nice that you are going to giveaway mSata drive and a nice drive also.

  • awesome!

  • Eric

    I have a MoBo just waiting for this mSATA SSD. Go SSDR!!

  • Tristan Taschuk


  • This SSD is awesome. Could really use this.

  • Nice ssd

  • Lovely giveaway you’ve got here!!

  • Julian T

    Awesome site, very helpful when I was looking into my first SSD earlier this year. Good luck all 🙂

  • GG give me that!

  • cryosin

    I would love to win one

  • Aeromax79

    would love to win this

  • werty316

    Count me in!

  • kuppo

    hope i win

  • man tech has come a long way. I remember when HDD were the size of novels and were only a few 100 MB. I hope to get one so I can put it into my first pc buils. Good Luck everyone and Thank You Crucial and TSSDR for this great chance.

  • nimda79

    my little Asus Eee Laptop could really use this!

  • I’d love to be on the cutting edge with technology like owning a
    Crucial M4 256GB mSATA SSD! —- RADICAL!

  • It’s sooooo tiny !!

  • weeeeeeeooooooooooooo!!!!! amazing tech! who doesnt want this piece of tech!

  • kraver

    love CRUCIAL drives, hope I win !!


    I hope I win, it would be a great replacement for my netbook.

  • I would love to have an SSD The research I have done on the earlier style of the SSD’s are quite nice with great reviews.
    They are getting smaller and smaller with every time one is released. I hope that I will be the lucky recipient of one.
    If they are as good as the Crucial memory, then there will never be any problems with them.

  • Samhain

    Would be an excellent edition to my XPS….yes indeed i`d like this.

  • All things considered I need the ability to smuggle a lot of data. =P

  • jun kit

    no joke , I want to win it. Hope it can make me feel like fly when use my laptop.

  • excellent job done by crusial.Much better use of the SILICON.

    Time for showdown — > intel ivybridge + Nvidia GTX + Crusial SSD = boom to the games performance

  • Cool comp – these things rock!

  • Alex Tan

    I would like to win this ssd to speed up my computer. Good luck everyone!

  • craigy109

    looks great hope best person wins

  • gameshoes

    Looks great!

  • God, storage is getting smaller and smaller!

  • ssd is the future now they are even smaller , well done Crucial!

  • Ken


  • asg

    me please!

  • lolzebracakes

    shiney! do want.

  • A.T.

    Awesome contest!!!

  • Shep

    Great giveaway! I’ve been wanting to try one of these!

  • Awsome!

  • Awsome giveaway !

  • i would like one of these.

  • RevZMan

    Good stuff, count me in for the wave of the future!

  • Ion

    Maximal performance!

  • Thanks for the Opportunity

  • I want it!

  • rohclem17

    I would love to have one of these, not only is it an SSD which works a
    lot faster and reliable than the normal HDD it is also smaller than the
    others.. So, it’s a great give hope to have one soon. ^_^

  • effdm

    I neeeeeed one sooooooooo Baaaddd!!!!!!!

  • Data has never traveled faster!

  • Oh my, yes please!!

  • Nice!

  • Need one! It’s a good excuse to upgrade my wife’s netbook.

  • Marlene V.

    Thanks for the chance to win — my husband would love it if I won this!!!`

  • Josiah

    What a nice product 🙂 cool looking and blazing in performance!

  • steve stone

    love to win thanks for the chance

  • This is exactly what I would need for my computer! This makes sense in general. Thank you TheSSDReview!

  • Mark vlasic

    I so need one ot these bad boys

  • I’m in!

  • alan1476

    I want to win this because I believe that and SSD is Crucial ( Pun) to any computer.

  • darcy

    great opportunity, ~ thank you!

  • Crucial has been a tremendous supporter of gaming worldwide and at local events, I treasure their sponsorship’s and trust their products, buying them whenever I can!

  • I would love to have this SSD! Crucial is one of the best SSD’s around because of it’s reliability, and everyone would attest to that! 😀 Thank you for this awesome giveaway! 🙂

  • I wanna win one please!!!

  • GAFerreira13

    Excelent idea, great job.
    i’d love to have one 😀

  • Awesome!

  • david pearce

    Hey I need a SSD as have very bad luck with HDD’s as they never last long for some reason. Never had a SDD yet but saving up for one, and have a good history with other Crucial products. Liked posts,Liked Crucial,and liked your FB page

  • Very nice indeed.

  • Want one. Even if In have to pay for it

  • abdoul

    Want to win one

  • wowzers, this would so complete my rig.

  • Daniel M

    trying to scrounge for parts for a new build this sure would help!