Solidata To Unveil 2TB LSI SandForce Driven 2.5″ SATA 2 SSD – First Pictures!

Solidata 2TBHere are some first shots of an interesting development in the SSD world!

We just received news and pictures from our friends at Solidata that they have just removed the pictured Solidata K8 E 1920GB SSD from the low-temperature thermal chamber and are ready for us to post their news! Solidata is about to market the worlds first 2TB notebook form factor SSD that is (none other than) LSI SandForce Driven!

If you will look closely at this single PCB design, you will notice that there are four LSI SandForce SF-1222 flash storage processors on the one side surrounded by 16 modules of Micron MT29F512G08CUCABH3 memory.

Solidata 2TB 2

Initial performance testing on this drive provided results of 240MB/s read and 210MB/s write with random IOPS at 6,000 IOPS read and 4,000 IOPS write.  Release details and pricing have yet to be set, however, expect packaging similar to this:

Solidata Exterior

Our thanks to Solidata for choosing TSSDR for their news and we will keep you up to date (and maybe a review) of the Solidata K8 E 1920GB SSD in the near future!

 UPDATE:  Solidata has provided a warranty of two years for the K8 E 1920 and operating temperatures between 0 to 70DegC for the retail version and -40 to +85DegC for the industrial version.