Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon Ultrabook Review and SSD Performance Analysis


Either I am getting softer as time goes by or manufacturers are starting to listen to the ideas of the people buying their products. As much as I wasn’t a Lenovo fan, for the most part because of it’s plain and unpolished look, there are just so many positives of the new X1 Carbon that it can’t simply be set aside. We actually find ourself throwing ideas to other manufacturers to follow in what Lenovo has demonstrated in the X1.

Where Lenovo has stepped up starts with the ability to work with the X1 with your knees up in a car seat and the system opened at almost the complete 180 degree angle. Their claim to fame of this being the lighted 14″ ultra is on the money and, these days, we can use 3G/4G/LTE access in just about every portable data device available. If this system had full ThunderBolt connectivity and a touch screen, we’de be almost set. Oh wait…. the Touch version is expected out sometime in December!

The positives carry on to storage performance where, coincidentally, SanDisk stepped up to bat with the new X100 right around the time of release for the X1 Carbon. This is a great handshake and both complement the other very well resulting in some great SATA 3 speeds for the end user. It is hard to believe that, in only a few short years, we have not only reduced the size and weight of our portable systems significantly, but also, we have increased performance many times over. Imagine starting your new ultra in 15 seconds or less. Imagine never really having to turn it off and having it start in 3-5 seconds.

Looking at the Lenovo website, pricing for the X1 Carbon starts at $1249 and it is listed as a business notebook. It comes standard with a 128GB SSD and an upgrade to 256GB increases that price another $280. In looking at customer ratings on the site, it rates there at 4.5/5 and one of the common complaints is that this unit doesn’t have HDMI and we couldn’t agree more. Overall, the X1 Carbon is selling like hotcakes, as all Lenovo laptops do in the business world and people coldn’t be happier.

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