Highest Performing Samsung XP941 Native PCIe M.2 SSD Available For Pre-Order

Normally we might elect to post availability of a product, but for the number of e-mails received after our review of the Samsung XP941 PCIe X4 M.2 SSD in September of 2013. At that time, we  learned that Samsung had shut down distribution of the XP941 to all 3rd party resellers right after our report, a result of demand exceeding supply.  The majority of e-mail was received from those who had purchased (or wanted to purchase) the Sony VAIO Pro 13 ultrabook (also reviewed) and hoped to save money by upgrading SSD capacity on their own, or those media professionals who owned Mac systems demanding that performance upgrade.


As few compatible systems as there are for the XP941, the attention that our report still gets is first hand evidence of the interest the industry has in the most powerful M.2 native PCIe SSD in the world.  For those new to our little corner of the web,  most of our M.2 SSD reports are still the only found anywhere and we also have further reports of the XP941, including that of an opportunity we had to reach speeds over 2GB/s with two of these SSDs in RAID 0.  As a matter of fact, stay tuned for a XP941 512GB RAID 0 update in the near future. Check out this AS SSD Copy Benchmark result which is still the fastest we have ever seen:

RAID XP941 AS SSD Copy Bench

For now though, our friends at RAM City have just informed us that they have ample supply on the way and they are available for pre-order at roughly $392US for the 256GB and $698US for the 512GB capacity as purchases outside Australia aren’t destined to their 10% GST tax. Anyone looking at purchase had better jump on this quick; the last supply disappeared from distributers within days of Samsung’s own need eliminating outside distribution completely.