Sage Micro Displays High Density SSD – Flash Memory Summit 2015 Update

Sage Microelectronique, or Sage Micro for short, was out and about here at Flash Memory Summit 2015. We had the chance to meet and take a look at their eRAID SSD Modules, as well as their Smart Destruction SSD.


Sage Micro’s SSD Family with eRAID is available in three form factors, 2.5″, HalfSlim and mSATA. They utilize their own S681 or S685 controller, and report sequential read and writes of up to 260 MB/s and 180 MB/s respectively. The 2.5″ form factor is capable of maximum capacity of 5TB on a single PCB, while the remaining two form factors can have 1 TB. Keep in mind these SSDs are targeted towards the industrial client who require high reliability, such as video systems, mobile platforms and aerospace equipment.


Sage Micro accomplishes this by utilizing their new controller IC which enables SSDs with large densities (i.e., 5TB). Our research indicates that the drive is comprised of an array of 10 by 4 by 128GB eMMC BGA modules. We hope to take a closer look at their 5TB industrial drive.

Sage Micro Smart Destruction

Sage Micro also showcased their Smart Destruction SSD, named the Natrium Disk, or NaDisk for short. Utilizing the S685 controller, the NaDisk provides hardware encryption and decryption engines to provide data protection. This can be triggered by a timer, button-press, software-command or mobile phone. This will completely erase the NaDisk, or if wanted it can also completely destroy the controller and NAND modules on board with a high-voltage shock. The drive is available in densities ranging from 8GB to 1TB, and is based upon a SATA 2 interface, which results in expected maximum read and write performance of 250 MB/s and 180 MB/s respectively.

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