Plextor Displays New Software – Flash Memory Summit 2015 Update

Our tours continue here at the 2015 version of the Flash Memory Summit, where we met up with Plextor and were shown the new version of PlexTurbo 3.0, as well as their new PlexCompressor and PlexVault software.

Plextor FMS 2015 Featured

With the new version of PlexTurbo 3.0, we can expect to see a performance boost, as it can utilize a portion of RAM to read and write the most frequently used data. It also includes a Preload feature, which saves latest used data into the cache when your PC is shut down, it then recalls this upon boot-up for a speedy return to where you were last on your PC. Lastly, it allows you to define the maximum cache sizes and release times.

PlexTurbo3 FMS 2015

Next up was PlexCompressor, which is design to find and compress files that have not been opened for 30 days. This is done automatically as a background process and are uncompressed upon accessing that file. This would allow you to preserve your valuable drive space without having to worry about clearing out the drive, at least to a degree. We are told that this will not impact SSD performance as only certain segments of files are compressed at a particular time.

PlexCompressor FMS 2015

Lastly on display was PlexVault. As the name implies, this software is designed to provide your with a secure space to store your private data on the Plextor SSD. This would be useful when sharing a computer with family, or friend, and you wish to hide your personal content. Enabling this is as easy as defining a custom hotkey to set the size of the private storage space, and to show or hide the space that was set. This is available for multiple users on a single Plextor SSD, and once hidden the files can not be found by Device Manager, Disk Administrator or any other file management software.

It is important to note that only certain drives are available to take advantage of PlexCompressor and PlexVault, such as the M6e and the M6 Pro.

PlexVault FMS 2015

Also on display was their M6V entry-level SSD, as well as the previously reviewed M6e Black Edition PCIe SSD. The M6V is a 2.5″ form factor, which is listed to reach read and write speeds of up to 535 and 455 MB/s respectively. The M6V is only compatible with the PlexTurbo 3.0. Stay tuned to The SSD Review, as we expect to take a closer look into the M6V’s performance.

Pletor M6V FMS 2015

Finally, we were also told that Plextor will not be releasing the M7e to the consumer market, instead it is going to be a client drive at this time. Because development of the M8e is almost finished, they will be releasing that instead next year. So be prepared to see a new PCIe 3.0 x4 M.2 drive from them then!

Stay tuned for more FMS coverage here at The SSD Review!

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