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Mushkin Atlas 480GB SSD Now Largest mSATA SSD Available

Mushkin pushed out another first recently and announced the first consumer availability of a mSATA SSD in the 480GB capacity, these SSDs now selling out in retailers nationwide. The Mushkin Atlas 480GB SSD is a LSI SandForce Driven device that consists of modules of Micron NAND flash memory, each being 64GB in capacity.  The highlight of this announcement, though, comes …

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SanDisk Ultra Plus SSD Review (256GB)

Our evaluation of the SanDisk Ultra Plus SSD surpasses that of a typical analysis, in that, it provides the reader with the ability to understand what is possible if you are the ‘Owner of The Fab’. In this SSD build, SanDisk has not only moved to the new Marvell 9175 controller but also, they introduce nCache, a totally new performance …

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Plextor Introduces mSATA, NGFF, TLC and Power Protection SSDs at CES Las Vegas 2013

Plextor set out to confirm their commitment to quality and innovation at CES Las Vegas 2013 this week, and that they did. Unlike other manufacturers who may select controllers and memory dependent on market pricing and availability, Plextor made it clear that their commitment was to Marvell for SSD controllers and Toshiba for their premium Toggle Mode NAND flash memory. …

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Mushkin Announces ProSpec SSD Family For Enterprise Class Applications

Mushkin announced their new ProSpec SSD family at CES Las Vegas 2013 this week.  The ProSpec line is equipped with the LSI SandForce SF-2582 processor and eMLC NAND flash memory which improves the lifespan of the memory significantly.  The SSD will be available in capacities from 100 to 400GB and sustained performance is detailed as 560MB/s with  random read/write performance …

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SMART Storage Systems Introduces Cloudspeed 1000 SSD Line And Steps Out With The NAND Band

Having been involved in the storage industry for several years, we can tell you first hand that, traditionally, storage companies have typically been very conservative when it comes to marketing strategies. This all changed at Storage Visions 2013 where SMART, not only introduced the new high endurance Cloudspeed 1000 line but also, introduced their new NAND Band to the world …

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