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Building an ASRock X299 Fatal1ty Test Bench with the i9-7900x

So you just built a brand new Z270 PC and Intel comes out with the newest X299 ahead of schedule.  Is it worth the bump to have the latest and greatest… or do you stick with the Z?  If you are a media professional or high end user that needs every core you can get, the Intel Skylake-X i9-7900x is a monster with …

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ASRock Z97 Extreme6 Motherboard Capable of Supporting M.2 (NGFF) SSD With Speeds Up To 32Gb/s

Intel Z97 based motherboards will be making their appearance very shortly and, once again, ASRock seems to flexing their muscle. If you remember their release of the Z87 series, they literally blew away competitors by releasing the Fatal1ty Killer AMD board with the worlds first native PCIe x2 M.2 socket, accomplishing the task of breaking that infamous SATA performance barrier …

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ASRock Fatal1ty Z68 Professional Gen3 Review @ Vortez

A month on and we are taking a look at yet another ASRock Z68 Gen3 offering. This time its the turn of the Fatal1ty Z68 Professional Gen3. As the name suggests, this motherboard is the out workings and involvement with gaming sensation Jonathan Fatal1ty Wendel. Fatal1ty has been working with ASRock for some time now and this latest release is …

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ASRock Fatal1ty 990FX Professional Review @ Vortez

The second 990FX board weve had the pleasure to review is here, and once again, its a special one. The ASRock 990FX Professional marks the pinnacle in ASRocks AMD lineup and is designed squarely for gamers and overclockers. Designed as part of the Fatal1ty range of products with Jonathan Fatal1ty Wendel, this board aims to provide not only top end …

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