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Crucial Adrenaline 50GB Caching SSD Announced

Crucial Adrenaline

Combining the attributes of spacious, low-cost mechanical storage with the raw speed of SSDs is becoming a popular pastime for the purveyors of solid state storage. Intel’s Z68 HDD + SSD caching was followed by OCZ’s RevoDrive Hybrid and Synapse solutions. Now it looks as though Crucial is making ready it’s own caching product in a new press release. Dubbed “Adrenaline”, …

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LSI 9265 MegaRAID Supplementary Review: The Beauty of CacheCade!

Today we are going to take an in-depth look at CacheCade, a new approach to storage systems that allows the perfect fusion of HDD capacity and SSD speed. With many large databases and enterprise users ‘caught in the middle’ with large HDD arrays, yet needing more performance from their existing infrastructure, CacheCade is a great option that allows the best …

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Intel Releases Larson Creek SLC SSD For New Z68 Motherboards

The race  just doesnt seem to be slowing in the world of SSDs these days.  Just when we wonder if Intel has finished with their complement of SSD releases, a new 20GB slc SSD, codenamed Larson Creek, is released to pair up with new Z68 motherboards. New Z68 motherboard contain a new ssd caching ability known as Smart Response Technology …

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