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OCZ Speaks To Vertex 5 SSD Release Rumors

If you ever doubt the popularity of SSDs, a simple check of the internet when an SSD scoop is published might change your views.  Better yet, things heat up a bit more when the information is controverted by the company themselves.  This is the case with the purported soon release of the Vertex 5. Initial reports spoke of a new …

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OCZ Unveils Vector PCIE SSD at CES 2013 Las Vegas

Our visit with OCZ at the Venetian in Las Vegas this morning resulted in a close up of their new flagship Vector PCIe consumer SSD that is expected to be released sometime in the next quarter of this year.  The Vector PCIE SSD is driven by two Indilinx Barefoot 3 controllers and is available in 240, 480 and 960GB capacities …

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OCZ Vector SSD Review – Indilinx Barefoot 3 Becomes Reality

To say the new OCZ Vector was a long time in the making would be an understatement as discussion over the development of this platform just might be one of the oldest SSD conversations to date. Today’s Vector release may mark the first major success story of OCZ’ purchase of both Indilinx and PLX, this story born through development of …

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