OCZ Speaks To Vertex 5 SSD Release Rumors

If you ever doubt the popularity of SSDs, a simple check of the internet when an SSD scoop is published might change your views.  Better yet, things heat up a bit more when the information is controverted by the company themselves.  This is the case with the purported soon release of the Vertex 5.

Initial reports spoke of a new Vertex 5 being available in late May which SSD reviewers know could never be the case right off.  Without a doubt, OCZ has been the best SSD manufacturer when it comes to review samples as they sometimes send out samples months in advance, even reminding us that the firmware is yet to be final.  This hasn’t occurred.  So, does that mean that the thought of a Vertex 5 is out of the picture?  Not quite.


We have been back and forth with OCZ a number of times today in effort to clarify, and gain some insight, into the V5, 20nm memory and the Barefoot 3 controller.  Their first response was that there is definitely not a Vertex 5 coming out in Q2 2013, a time period that would have had its introduction at Computex.

All is not finished though.  OCZ confirmed that they are working on a 2onm flash Barefoot 3 controller variation but it is definitely NOT the Vertex 5.  When asked about the Vertex 5 name brand, OCZ was tight lipped, only stating ” We are not disclosing our plans surrounding the brand name ‘Vertex 5’ at this time.”  Simply, this means that there are two SSDs in the works, or at least one SSD and discussion of another.  When and where they will first show themselves is anybody’s guess.  Rest assured though that Vertex 5 is not coming out in Q2 so we definitely will not see a Vertex 5 at Computex.

This is a bit interesting though when you consider that OCZ clearly laid out their future consumer SSD plans at ceBIT in just about a month ago.  These SSDs consist of the ‘SandForce Driven’ Vertex 3, Vertex 4, Vector and Vector PCIe as shown here:


In any event,  OCZ definitely didn’t rule out a 20nm Barefoot 3 SSD being introduced in the future, it just won’t be the Vertex 5.  Can we see a 20nm flash Barefoot 3 variation?  Most likely; it just may be the Vector. It is also most likely that they are looking at next generation Barefoot 3  as well. Gotta be curious though?  What’s up with Vertex 5?

Oh… and by the way, the mysterious PCB shot shown in the original ‘scoop’ was none other than a Vector with the branding of the controller removed.


  1. blank

    That was a flurry of activity in a 24-hour period, wasn’t it?

    • blank

      Incredible. To me, it reflects the interest in OCZ products and probably the confidence in the Barefoot 3 platform.

      • blank

        Barefoot 3 is maybe the most advanced platform atm! Give it some better NAND like 20nm Toggle and i think that it will top every other ssd of this generation. I’m excited about all the action in the ssd field lately!

  2. blank

    A Vertex 5 with a long awaited Generation 3 SandForce controller is a possibility.

    A Vertex 5 MI with 19nm Toshiba Toggle NAND would be a nice addition to OCZ offerings.

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