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Intel Optane Memory Review – 1.4GB/s Speed & 300K IOPS for $44

Intel Optane Memory is Intel’ first phase in release of their Optane flash technology line that Intel hopes might revolutionize the flash industry.  At its most basic level, it is SSD storage that caches your hard drive with performance speeds up to 1.4GB/s, a speed that has yet to be seen for this type of storage in the industry.  The term ‘Optane’ is …

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Super Talent 16GB VSSD Solid State Drive Review

A few weeks ago, The SSD Review scored the webs first review of a newly announced ‘super capacity’ SSD by Super Talent, the Ultra MX 480GB SSD. What we failed to mention was that we had to make a bit of a ‘deal with the devil‘ in order to grab that internet exclusive, the devil being Super Talents Director of Marketing Peter …

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