Why Do I Want an SSD?

Ok so thats it!  You have spent weeks reading every article ever created about SSDs and are convinced that you have to have one.  Life will simply cease to exist if you cant experience the amazing technology that has rocked the earth for the past 3 years.  And thats why you are here!  From this point forward, we are going to make sure you understand and get the right ssd for you. We are in it together and we both understand that the ssd is the absolute best visible upgrade you can do for your computing experience.
Lets quickly go over all the things we know one more time shall we?

– weigh less than a hard drive;

– have no moving parts;

– are completely silent;

– are cooler than a hard drive;

– have less total fan use;

– have less total system noise;

– provide a longer battery life;

– wont destroy your work or break if dropped;

– can start a laptop in as little as 10 seconds;

– speed up everything you do on a computer ALOT; and

– load and transition between scenes in games some times 4-5 times faster.

Ok so¦thats it in a nut shell but how do we know what ssd to get?  There are price considerations, storage capacity concerns, different manufacturers, different controllers, firmware, TRIM and just exactly how do we get through all of this??? Wait….Do I have to TRIM my SSD? Do I dare ask how to do this? Is there a course available?

Lets take a breath for a sec, go grab a beverage and some chips, come on back, put our feet up and enjoy the read.


  1. what?? you didn’t teach me which one to get??

    Ah I know which one to get, with the speed of over 200mb/s

  2. blank

    as a newbe can i install an Intel 80GB 320 in my old HP pavillion & use the current 400gb HD for storage?

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