VMware View 5 and vSphere Storage Appliance V1.0 Announced

IBM today announced the availability of VMWare View 5 and vSphere Storage Appliance V1.0. These new versions will be made public on December 16, 2011.

VMware View 5.0 delivers desktops as a managed service and transforms desktop management into a simplified and automated process to help reduce the TCO by up to 50%.

It also provides users with a performance desktop experience, and brings the power of the datacenter and VMware vSphere to desktops. VMware View is a purpose-built solution for delivering desktops as a secure managed service, and is based on VMware vSphere. VMware View provides the platform, management tools, and user experience that organizations need to reduce the costs, streamline administration, and increase user satisfaction.

 Key benefits are:

  • Can help reduce operational costs by up to 50%
  • Simplifies desktop and application management
  • Delivers rich user experiences
  • Standardizes on a common virtualization platform

VMWARE Storage Appliance 1.0

This appliance provides an alternative shared storage solution for SMBs who might not be in a position to purchase a SAN or NAS array for their virtual infrastructure. Without shared storage configured in a vSphere environment, clients have not been able to exploit the features available in vSphere 5.0, such as vSphere High Availability, vSphere vMotion, and vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler. The VSA is designed to provide shared storage for everyone.

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