LSI 9265 MegaRAID Cachecade Supplementary Review: Conclusion

ADDED VALUE During testing,  one thing that struck me was the sound of the drives, once they were loaded with information and being tested. The 4k random read is one of the hardest types of file access for any storage solution, especially Hard Disk Drives. At the beginning of each test, sitting in the room I could hear the sound …

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Samsung SpinPoint F4EG 2TB Hard Drive Review – GPT vS MBR Partitions

MBR LIMITATIONS In order to ensure that our review went smoothly, their needed to be consideration as to what partitions would serve our tests best as this was definitely not a standard-issue configuration.  This was first discovered when we examined the inherent limitation of the MBR disk partitioning system which is the standard used for the vast majority of drives …

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Samsung SpinPoint F4EG 2TB Hard Drive Review – ATTO Disk Benchmark & HDTune Pro

ATTO DISK BENCHMARK V.2.46 ATTO Disk Benchmark is the quickest and simplest method to determine transfer speeds and utilizes the same test methodology as manufacturers in arriving at performance results.  It simply measures raw sequential transfer speeds for both read and write access at various transfer sizes, producing a very easily understood result. This benchmark is by far the industry …

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